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SilverSpoon on Honeymoon: A First Class Experience

What better way to start your honeymoon than flying First Class? Well would you expect anything less from the SilverSpoon? I thought I’d fill you in on the fantastic experience that we had on our journey to NewYork.
When flying First Class with British Airways there is a dedicated checkin point so that you can rush through speedily and efficiently. We checked in then sped through the hand luggage check in about ten minutes fresh and ready for our breakfast in the hallowed halls of…
The Concorde Room.
Mr S and I entered the lounge and took a little look around.
There’s plush seating,
luxurious decor,
a dedicated bar with champagne on ice,
a terrace with a stunning (!) view of umm…the airport…
A concierge desk to help you with all your travel needs.
There’s even an a spa offering facials, massage and manicures should you require anything pre-flight.
Perhaps most excitingly for me, the Concorde Room has an a la carte restaurant.


We obviously decided to start our honeymoon as we meant to go on…
Honestly there are certain situations where you are allowed to drink before midday and free alcohol in the airport lounge is always one of them especially when you’re going on honeymoon.


Mr S was pretty happy to get a fry up in before the flight.
I went for the healthy option.


My porridge was pretty runny and lukewarm but come on, it’s an airport lounge not a Michelin Restaurant so I kindly forgave them 😉
We picked up a bit of shopping and then it was time to board! Again First Class passengers are given priority so it’s straight on to the plane without having to queue.


I had my own spacious suite with very comfortable chair that reclines into a fully flat bed for sleeping.


As you can see there’s plenty of leg room!
As soon as you’re seated the flight attendant is ready to serve you with champagne (or water, or juice but why would you want any of that?)


There’s fantastic amenities
A wash bag filled with goodies, pyjamas, a sleep mask and plush slippers.
When it’s time to dine the table is laid like a restaurant with table cloth and proper cutlery. You can even dine at the same table, perfect for us honeymooners!
Hello Mr Silver!!
For lunch we chose to try the vintage champagne.
We started with the amuse bouche. A refreshing cucumber thingy.
There was a great selection for starters and main course and we both plumped for the gravalax.
There was also a very decent bread selection. I detest standard ‘aeroplane’ bread but this was freshly baked and tasty. Better than some restaurant bread.
Mr S chose the beef from the generous selection of choices.


It was sea bream for me. Both were well cooked and tasted infinitely better than any aeroplane microwave meal! We chose a Sauvignon Blanc from the wine list to accompany our meal.



It was a cherry tart and ice cream for dessert.


Followed by coffee and artisan chocolates.
Lunch done with, all there was to do was recline in our plush seats to enjoy the vast range of entertainment on offer as we sat in anticipation of reaching our first destination.
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