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SilverSpoon on Honeymoon: Cavallo Point, Sausalito

I was so sad to leave Napa Valley, a place dedicated to top quality food and wine was basically my spiritual home but after experiencing a culinary epiphany it was time to head back down South. Before we hit the big city we had planned an over night stay in Sausalito, a charming waterfront town just north of San Francisco.

First I must introduce to the third member of party, our hire car that would be with us throughout our drive down the California coast.



Having lived in London for around ten years now, I haven’t driven a car in a long time and so it was up to Mr Silver to drive us to our dream locations.Ok…so introductions done with I must invite you to step back in time with me to Sausalito in 1886 and a former Army base known as Fort Baker, which would be our home for the night…What? A former army base? That doesn’t sound very SilverSpoony…but don’t worry it has of been converted into a national park and a five-star hotel with all the mod-cons ;). As we drove away from Napa and headed South into Sausalito the temperature dropped dramatically and when we pulled up at Fort Baker, which now houses gorgeous hotel, Cavallo Point, I was freezing!Luckily the free wine in the lobby helped me out somewhat and we were ushered into one of the hotel’s cars for a tour of the property.

The hotel is made up over ‘historic lodgings’ that have been converted from former officers residences. The lodgings have been carefully restored to an incredibly high standard and have won the hotel numerous awards for historic renovation and preservation. There are also contemporary lodging which espouse Cavallo Point’s high standards of eco-friendliness and concern for the environment.



Like Calistoga Ranch, the construction of Cavallo Point and renovation of Fort Baker has done little to disturb the natural environment and they are lauded for the eco-consciousness and they way they embrace the need to commit to sustainability.

We chose to stay in the contemporary lodging in a junior suite which was luxuriously appointed and really very lovely…

…but the mustard, orange and yellow tones and stripey carpet weren’t my favourite colour palette and the room was kind of retro but in a good way!


Had I really stepped back in time?




But you can’t beat a view like this:
Legs firmly incased in tights and well and truly wrapped in a jumper I stepped out to face the weather as Mr Silver and I headed down from our room’s vista hill top for dinner.
The hotel is home to restaurant Murray Circle and the adjacent Farley Bar. Outside the restaurant and bar hotel residents sat on the porch ensconced in rocking chairs and wrapped in blankets…we felt like we’d stepped into a time warp.
But as we entered into Farley Bar we were back in the year 2014 as the bar was lively and buzzing.
Our next port of call was Murray Circle, Cavallo Point’s acclaimed restaurant and one of the most highly regarded in the San Francisco Bay area. The decor of the restaurant also evokes the sense of nostalgia felt throughout Cavallo Point with it’s restored-tin ceiling, wagon wheel lights and roaring open fireplaces.
The cuisine at Murray Circle is Californian and makes use of local ingredients. There is also an emphasis on vegetables and several vegetarian dishes appear on the menu.
One example were the tamales that we shared that were filled with house quesco fresco, a delicious soft and creamy cheese. The dish of Mesoamerican origin was served with banana and tomatillo hot sauce. There’s nothing old-fashioned about that!
The ocean stew was the star of the night and in fact one of our favourite dishes of the whole trip. The stew included gulf prawns, shellfish, Monterey squid and chorizo it was a hearty and warming! A total hug in a bowl!
Boar ribs were on the menu and of course Mr S had to have them.


My choice was a perfectly cooked grilled salmon served with artichokes. The waiter informed me that this was the ‘spa’ dish otherwise known as the healthy option. After my indulgence at The French Laundry the previous night the dish seemed the wise choice. On that note we decided to forgo dessert and then they bought out this…
See? I told people just wanted to give you chocolate on your honeymoon!
The next day we woke up to our amazing view minus the fog!
Postcard perfect!
We got in the car and headed into town to explore the village of Sausalito. The town itself is very small and based around the marina with absolutely stunning views over the bay area.




As we strolled through the town popping into antique shops and souvenir stores, once again we felt like we were in a time warp. We had to get a picture of me standing with this sign as my nickname among my friends is Princess Angie…I can’t imagine why ;).
The very helpful staff at Cavallo Point had recommended lunch at Scoma’s as it jutted out on to the pier and had some of the best views in Sausalito.


From the outside the restaurant looked like a pretty beach hut.


Inside, we’d once again stepped back in time, where were we this time, the seventies? White table clothes, little packets of butter on the table and need I say more about the brown carpet…but we loved the retro feel, the place was incredibly quaint with bags of character and once again stunning views.


Doesn’t Mr S blend well with the background in his blue jumper?
Retro classics such as prawn cocktail were obviously on the menu but I went for a modern classic.

One of my favourites, tuna sashimi.

Mr S chose an American classic, clam chowder. The recipe of clam chowder varies depending where you are in the United States but this was a New England version, thick and creamy and served with a side of oyster crackers. It’s also traditional to serve the chowder in a bowl made from sourdough bread which was also on the menu here, but Mr Silver decided to avoid the carb overload. He loved the soup it was warm and comforting and the old fashioned restaurant made him feel like he was having lunch at Grandma’s house.
Keeping it light, I chose a prawn salad for main course.

Keeping it retro and comforting, Mr S chose a pastry and seafood dish with a rich sauce, just like nana used to make 😉

All too soon our time in the sleepy seaside town of Sausalito was over and it was time to cross the bridge into San Francisco for our second city adventure…



See you in San Francisco!!!

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