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I’m Getting Married in the Morning: The Night Before the Wedding

It’s a very strange feeling the day before your wedding. That feeling of knowing everything will change but also remain the same…if you know what I mean…
Mr Silver and I have been together for three and half years and lived together for two. So would actually getting married make any difference to our lives together?
In the weeks building up to the wedding I’d felt so nervous, not that anything would go wrong, the whole thing was organised meticulously!! It was the walking down the aisle that scared me, the first dance and being so fully the centre of attention. But in the days before the wedding the fear started to melt away, I was going to marry Mr Silver and be with him forever and that was all that mattered!
We’d been planning our wedding for a year and half so it felt a long time in the making!
The wedding reception was to take place in the Dorchester hotel, perhaps the most luxurious and iconic hotel in London and my home for two nights was The Dorchester Suite.
Mr Silver and I checked into our hotel room and were very excited to be greeted by delicious champagne and chocolates.



I obviously had to have a quick scoff and quaff before we could fully explore the room.
The room was HUGE!! The lounge area was gorgeous with plush sofas.
A large dining area…
And fab, traditional furnishings.
A massive bedroom…
With a four poster bed.





And cool day bed to drink champagne on!


Soon my besties arrived and there was more people to share the champers with! My parents also came along for the fun.
We ordered a generous lunch.









Made up of healthy options and a few lovely treats.


And some more champagne to mark the occasion.
Then it was time for Mr Silver to make his exit and for the girly fun to begin as we all got manicures and pedicures in preparation for the big day.
And the girls gave me another thoughtful present.
As the day went on we couldn’t resist another late night bite and ordered a little more room service.



But all too soon it was time to say good bye to my best friends and my parents so we could all get our beauty sleep for the big day ahead!!!