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Living it up at The Lowry Hotel, a Manchester weekender

It was a SilverSpoon out of London weekender as Mr Silver and I travelled up to Manchester to celebrate the christening of a good friend’s baby.
Mr Silver was The Godfather, a fact he was keen to repeat, thinking it made him sound cool and Mafioso…
Anyway, our home for the weekend was The Lowry Hotel, Manchester’s first five star hotel. The hotel is very special to us as we first stayed there three years ago it reminds us of the early days of our relationship. Happy memories… here’s a little tour of the luxury accommodation.
The Lowry Hotel
A huge bed so Mr Silver won’t complain about me stealing the covers!

The Lowry Hotel
A funky orange chaise on which to I can recline and read my favourite blogs…
The Lowry Hotel
And a rather useful desk on which  I can write blogs…
The Lowry Hotel
And ours was a room with a view as The Lowry is located right on the river and an easy walk from the shops on Deansgate.
And the most important part of the room…


The Lowry Hotel

The mini bar!! And there were lots of drinks option and sweet treats should we have an late night cravings!

As you can the decor of The Lowry is clean, modern and stylish with some quirky touches.
We went to explore the rest of the hotel and admired the unusual artwork by contemporary young artists.

The Lowry Hotel


We took another moment to admire the view from the terrace…
The Lowry Hotel

What a lovely view 😉 but it’s cold up North and we headed back in.

First a quick peak at The River Restaurant where we’d shared a romantic meal last time we visited.

The Lowry Hotel

The restaurant serves uncomplicated British cuisine in a relaxed and stylish environment. We didn’t get a chance to eat there this time but we loved the food on our previous visit.

And we finished the tour in our favourite place…

The Lowry Hotel

…the bar! A cold glass of Sauv Blanc was my drink of choice.

Mr S went for one of these bad boys.


He requested an espresso martini which wasn’t on the menu but the skilled barman whipped up the coffee flavoured cocktail for my fiance. And you can see from the look on his face how much he enjoyed it!

Mr Silver and I had a lovely stay at The Lowry Hotel and it bought back so many happy memories. It doesn’t have some of the opulence and grandeur of the five star plus hotels in London but it is beautifully modern and in a perfect location in central Manchester.