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Kaspar’s at the Savoy: Bloggers Know Best

I love reading blogs, which is why I decided to start my own!For a while now I’ve much preferred reading a review by a blogger than by a journalist or restaurant critic. When you really enjoy a blog you feel like you get to know the writer and that you trust their wise advice.

When I was planning our recent trip to Thailand I made sure I did my research thoroughly, and this of course meant reading all the blog reviews! While staying Phuket, Mr Silver and I had chosen a gorgeous hotel called Trisara. After googling the hotel I stumbled on a fabulous blog, called Cocktails and Caroline, and I devoured Caroline’s description and photos of the beautiful hotel that we planned to stay in.Here’s Caroline’s review of Trisara

And here’s my review of Trisara

Clearly ladies of very similar taste, we had the exact same room and both helped ourselves to Laurent Perrier from the mini bar! She’d stayed at the Six Senses Resort near Phuket, and we had a day trip there.

Caroline even has the blue dress that I’m wearing in the Trisara review!

I really enjoyed her other reviews as she’d been to many of the same places as me and it was great to see them from another perspective. We’d had contact via Twitter and the blogosphere but both being busy ladies it took a while to meet up. But when we did it had to be in the luxury style that we both love.

At the Savoy, of course!

Here’s the iconic entrance to the grand hotel and the beautiful fountain.


Our ladies lunch would be at Kaspar’s, The Savoy’s gorgeous art deco seafood restaurant.

Here’s some pics of the beautiful interior of Kaspar’s.


It’s all mirrors, glass and twinkles, with a gorgeous marble floor and a silver ceiling. You definitely know you’re in one of London’s five star plus hotels. The Savoy is old-fashioned glamour at its best; a string of pearls, a flapper dress and a cloche hat and I could be transported back to the roaring twenties…

Poor Caroline had transport problems but in this gorgeous setting with champagne and fresh bread I definitely didn’t mind waiting!

And here’s the lady herself!

Arriving a little flustered, a medicinal glass of champers was required! We had so much to talk about… restaurants and good food, weddings, holidays….were all on the agenda. We had been to so many of the same places and had a lot in common so it was great to compare notes!

We finally got round to ordering food…

I chose a cured fish platter with Gravlax and citrus cured sea bass. The bread on the side was delicious and spongy, the perfect accompaniment for my fish starter! I’m still on my bride-to-be diet so I’m keeping cheat days to a minimum and this was a great healthy option. Fortunately, champagne is on the bride-to-be diet and three glasses went down quite nicely! We regretted not getting a bottle…
Caroline was pleased to see one of her favourites on the menu. The caramelised goats cheese was fabulous and it was complimented by a walnut dressing.
For main course I really wanted the seafood linguine but to save any carb guilt and worry about fitting into my wedding dress, I chose a prawn salad. From the waiter’s description I was expecting pillows of fresh lettuce, a runny poached egg and lots of big juicy prawns. But here’s what I got…
Please sir can I have some more?
Only three prawns and I couldn’t even see the egg. I wanted guilt-free but I didn’t want to starve!
Ok, that’s a bit better…
Caroline made a more sound choice of a Dover sole and a side of butter sauce.
And after dessert something sweet…
I looked on enviously as Caroline enjoyed a sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce, blackberries and whisky ice-cream.
Then a surprise!


Rather sweetly, the hotel had overheard me talking about my upcoming wedding and presented me with a cute chocolate lolly pop. Although, obviously they were torturing me slightly as I was trying so hard to be good and I didn’t try any. Though I have on good authority that it tasted amazing.
And no surprise there as The Savoy has its own in house chocolatier that Caroline and I paid a little visit to after settling up.


My fellow blogger couldn’t resist purchasing one of these little guys!
And one last photo together in the glorious surrounding of The Savoy…
It was so fabulous to meet such a lovely lady in such a gorgeous restaurant and it was the perfect choice for us lovers of luxury.

Caroline made a plan to meet up again soon and I’m very much looking for to future cocktails, champagne and fine dining.

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