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Cay Tre – A Vietnamese feast

We’d had a really lovely lunch last Saturday at 10 Greek Street so I suggested heading down to Soho again for our midday meal. Cay Tre, a restaurant serving authentic Vietnamese food, was the restaurant of choice



The interior is casual and canteen-like


But we weren’t here to look at a pretty interior. We wanted hearty Vietnamese food!
Mr Silver anticipates a treat.
First up a bit of theatre. We ordered the La Vong grilled monkfish with galangal, tumeric and dill.






The fish was cooked freshly for us at the table! And it tasted delicious. Cay Tre pride themselves on using locally sourced ingredients and the monkfish is caught daily in Devon. You can really taste the freshness.
BBQ’d Somerset Ribs! Mr Silver can literally not resist ordering ribs if they are the menu. These didn’t disappoint!
Saigon crab soup with sweetcorn and mushrooms. I’m not a big fan I’m afraid, I don’t like the phlegmy texture.
Salmon summer rolls with avocado, fresh ginger and wasabi soy vinaigrette. These were my favourite thing. I can see why they’re called summer rolls. They are so light and zingy.
As we’d got through so many nibbles we ordered just one main course to share.


Sizzling seafood with wokked squid and prawns, And a large side of brown rice. The seafood was cooked perfectly in a light, salty sauce. I would have preferred the prawns peeled as these got a little messy! Oh, and we only really needed a small bowl of rice, the portion was very generous.
We enjoyed our meal at Cay Tre. It’s a great little place if you want to try something a little different and inexpensive.
‘I don’t know how you find these places,’ said Mr Silver
‘There’s loads of little gems in Soho and always somewhere new,’ I replied.
That gave me an idea…
‘Oooooh why don’t we start a Saturday Soho lunch club where we try all different places in Soho?’
Mr Silver looked slightly aghast
‘Not every Saturday…’
‘Well, no, not every Saturday but at least once a month!’
And so the Saturday Soho Lunch Club was born! I will be giving regular posts on inexpensive little gems in one of London’s most colourful neighbourhoods. I look forward to writing the next one…
Cay Tre
42 – 43 Dean Street
0207 317 9118
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