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Seven Restaurants in Geneva, Switzerland

As our trip to Geneva was booked super last minute, I didn’t put the hours of research into finding restaurants that I normally do. Instead we enjoyed the fantastic restaurants at the hotel as well as taking local recommendations from the concierge. Despite the last minute nature, we didn’t have a problem getting tables and… Read more »

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An Easter Break at Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva

I’m seriously not a spontaneous person especially when it comes to planning trips… everything is sketched out months in advance, booked and spreadsheeted to avoid FOMO and not being able to get sought after reservations. But Mr S suggested I come to Switzerland to meet him as he finished his ski trip for us to… Read more »

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Pregnancy Diaries: The Second Trimester: Weeks 13 – 20

The second trimester began characteristically with more anxiety, though the moment I got through the 13th week, I felt I could breath a small sigh of relief! The first thing the internet told me to do was go and tell my GP, if you read my other pregnancy posts you’ll know it was a GP… Read more »

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Ten Tips For Planning a Babymoon

The babymoon… what exactly is it? Well put simply it’s the last holiday taken by parents-to-be before the arrival of their baby. It’s the ‘final fling’, the ‘last hoorah’ and a chance to take some time that’s all about you before you new arrival enters your life. Though Mr S has been referring to it… Read more »

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Dim Sum at Duddell’s London

Based on the Hong Kong original opening in 2013 Cantonese restaurant, Duddell’s in London opened a few years ago garnering much interest on the London food scene. With two-Michelin stars, a beautiful interior and a great location, the original had quite a lot to live up to… and I was excited to try the London… Read more »

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Afternoon Tea at Annabel’s

I was invited to Laurent-Perrier launch at Annabel’s and our food and drink was complimentary. I was not paid to attend and was not under contractual obligation to write this blog post or create content on any platform.  There are some hallowed places in London available for members only, they kind of places you’re dying… Read more »

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Five UK Hotels Perfect for a Babymoon Staycation

A babymoon or final fling is the perfect way to celebrate the pending arrival of your little one, whilst getting a last chance to have a holiday on your own. But getting on a plane whilst pregnant can be a little daunting with the prospect of uncomfortable seats, increased risk of DVT or worst case… Read more »

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Pregnancy Diaries: The First Trimester

I just wanted to start this off with a little disclaimer. I know pregnancy diaries aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and this is very different to my usual content but I’ve found reading about other people’s experiences during my pregnancy so helpful. Especially those of bloggers I know personally or I’ve followed for a long… Read more »

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Ten Reasons Why I Fell in Love with Stockholm

A beautiful city on the water, Stockholm is an archipelago of 14 islands connected by 57 bridges – your eyes won’t be watering with ugly high rises and smoggy polluted air. There’s a reason locals called their city ‘beauty on water’ and it wasn’t hard to fall in love with this gorgeous city, lush with… Read more »

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Three Places to Eat in Stockholm

We were seriously spoilt for choice when it came to choosing where to eat in Stockholm, from fine dining and Michelin star restaurants to gorgeous bistros and brasseries and cute cafes. As you know I always put a lot of research into choosing restaurants for a trip and this time I had something else to… Read more »