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Five Ways to Combat Fear of Missing Out while Travelling

I’ve always suffered from terrible FOMO (fear of missing out); what if I don’t go out with my friends and I miss an amazing night, choose not to go to event and forgo an amazing opportunity or order the wrong thing on the menu and get terrible food envy? My FOMO manifests itself the most… Read more »

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The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers

I’ve discovered that there’s a certain kinship about having a blog…whether you were born miles apart or come from completely different cultures or backgrounds having a blog can bring you close to someone, transport you into their world and give a sense of empathy and understanding to someone else. There are so many wonderful bloggers… Read more »

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Top Quality Indian Cuisine at Quilon

With the redevelopment of Victoria I’ve been excited to tell you about new places such as M Victoria Street, Kouzu and UNI, but there’s a high quality restaurant in Victoria which I’ve never reviewed…in fact I’d never actually been there. Though Quilon has been in Victoria since 1999 and has held a Michelin star since… Read more »

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New Year’s Eve at Sake No Hana

New Year’s Eve is quite a marmite occasion, I know lots of people who hate it but I love it! In fact I *might* actually love it more than Christmas… I think the best way to have a good New Year’s Eve is to keep it simple and not travel too far from home. We… Read more »

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A Family Christmas at The Conrad St James

Christmas traditions had been the same for my family for many years. As the youngest in my immediate family I always took the role of leaving out mince pies for Santa, waking everyone up at 5am, and playing the Christmas ‘elf’ handing out presents and bossily making sure each one was opened one at a… Read more »

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The Best in London: Duck & Champagne at HKK

Bloggers are rather fond of superlatives and phrases such as ‘it was the best of all time’ and ‘my favourite ever’ so much so that it starts to become a little unbelievable… not another afternoon tea / steak / glass of wine that’s the best ever…However, a couple of years ago when Mr S and… Read more »

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Living, Loving and Toasting at LIMA Fitzrovia

My motto has always been ‘you only live once’ and not only should every celebration be important but you should elevate the every day. Be the most over-dressed person in the room, book those flights and order that second (or third or fourth) glass of champagne. Which is why I really liked the idea of Waterford’s Live.Love.Toast… Read more »

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A Family Feast at Hawksmoor, Knightsbridge

If you’re a London foodie, the name Hawksmoor is likely to be familiar to you. Regarded by many as the best steak restaurant in London, there are now five branches in the capital and one in Manchester – a homage to the popularity of the brand. The concept has grown a long way since friends Huw… Read more »

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Romance at Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort in St Lucia

St Lucia really is the perfect place for romance, quite possibly the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited with beautiful emerald hills, clear waters and secluded spots. I can’t imagine a better place for a honeymoon. One thing that really struck me about the beautiful island was the lack of commercialisation, there wasn’t a Starbucks… Read more »

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Luxury London Happenings This Christmas and WIN afternoon tea at Hotel Chocolat

Are you getting excited about Christmas? I thought I’d give you a run down of a few luxurious festive things happening in London to get you even more into the Christmas spirit. Make sure you scroll to the end of this post for a Christmas competition to win a special afternoon tea. Ice-Skating Skate at Somerset House… Read more »