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Change of Plans: An Asian Adventure

The more we read about the spread of the Zika virus, the more Mr S and I worried about our upcoming trip to South America. We would be spending a week in Brazil, where the virus was continuing to spread at an alarming rate and had been declared a public health emergency by the World… Read more »

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The Seafood Tasting Menu at Restaurant Nathan Outlaw

Restaurant Review: The seafood tasting menu at Restaurant Nathan Outlaw in Cornwall

Not only does Cornwall have an incredible landscape, beautiful coastlines and a wealth of history, there is also a thriving the food scene that has never been so good as it is now. Today the county boasts world-class chefs, Michelin star restaurants and some exceptional produce. With so many wonderful places on offer it was… Read more »

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Laid-back luxury at The Scarlet Hotel, Cornwall

The next morning we woke up in our super comfy bed at The Scarlet Hotel. But I held back from shaking Mr S awake and rushing him to start the day. They take things very easy at The Scarlet Hotel and with breakfast available until 10.30am we could afford to take our time and remain… Read more »

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A Peruvian Feast at Coya for Lauren’s Birthday

I’ve made some great friends through blogging and I’ve got to know Lauren really well in the past few months. In fact we’ve got so close that she invited me along to her birthday dinner with some of her best friends, including Colleen who I’ve also been getting to know well recently. Lauren had chosen… Read more »

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Tasty Italian at Theo Randall at The Intercontinental Park Lane


With the the growing trend for dispensing with formality and throwing out the white table clothes, restaurants in London are reinventing themselves and becoming more modern and fresh. Theo Randall at The Intercontinental Park Lane is one such place. I first ate there about seven years (pre-Mr S) and I really loved the food so… Read more »

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Luxury Travel Tips: How to Plan the Ultimate Luxury Travel Adventure

Welcome to a new series on SilverSpoon London on luxury travel tips and planning for amazing adventures. Regular readers will know that meticulous planning goes into our big luxury travel adventures and I thought I’d start off my new series with a post sharing the process that I use to plan our trips from the initial idea to planning the… Read more »

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Getting Tipsy at Mr Fogg’s Tavern

When I walked into Mr Fogg’s Tavern located on St Martin’s Lane I found myself in a busy pub with chalkboards advertising ‘mother’s ruin’ gin cocktails and grog, patrons were drinking from old-fashioned tankards and the food was billed as ‘honest fare’ serving ‘London’s finest pie’, sandwiches and roasts all day – it was sort… Read more »

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Bridesmaids Bottomless Brunch at Quaglino’s

The current trend for bottomless brunches is really something I can get on board with…I mean…all you can drink bubbles for the duration of your meal all for a very reasonable price is a genius idea. If you haven’t already I’d highly recommend checking out Bottomless Bookings, a fantastic new website from my friend Gary… Read more »

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Valentine’s Day at sketch Lecture Room & Library

Entering sketch in Mayfair you feel a little bit like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. Coming through the door you are immediately greeted with a feast for the eyes, a Wonderland of art work  and a rabbit’s warren of different rooms and unique places to explore. Even just in the entrance foyer there is… Read more »

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A Trip to Champagne: Celebrating with Mumm

In my mind the Champagne region in the Northeast of France is a magical place. I imagined champagne runs from the taps, diamonds sparkle in the sky in the place of stars and the streets are paved with gold. It was a place I’d always dreamed of visiting and an invitation on a press trip… Read more »