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A Festive Staycation at One Aldwych Hotel

  As you know Mr S and I love going on holiday, and it’s lovely to have a little break over the festive period. So on the 23rd of December we excitedly packed our suitcase and jumped in a taxi all ready to go on holiday…about fifteen minutes down the road! Yes, our little festive… Read more »

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A #tasteoftravel: A Menu of Memories

Food, glorious food…you know how much I love it. But my favourite meals haven’t just featured delicious dishes, rather they are a multi-sensory experience. Enjoying a meal, especially while travelling is something so incredibly special and when you revisit your photographs, you evoke all sorts of wonderful memories. The best meals I’ve ever had haven’t… Read more »

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My Top Ten Hotels of 2014

I’ve had the fantastic opportunity to visit some incredible hotels this year so I thought I polish off 2014 with the top ten places that I’ve stayed. Restaurants coming soon too! I’ve listed the hotels in the form of awards but they are in no particular order, I loved them all. Award for a Room… Read more »

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108 Brasserie and Social Media Addictions

Much like many of my fellow bloggers I suffer from a terrible addiction to social media, I actually just read all about Emma’s over on her blog…so I know I’m not alone… You see, Twitter is the first thing I look at when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I check… Read more »

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SilverSpoon Takes New York: The Gansevoort Hotel

When we arrived in New York at around 4.30 in the afternoon it was dark, raining and very cold. Rather different to the bright and sunny Miami day that we’d just said goodbye to. But I was very excited…I was in my second favourite city after London…one of my happy places! I was also very… Read more »

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SilverSpoon Takes Miami: Colonial Chic at The Betsy, South Beach

Our inflexible timings again became an issue when we realised we could only stay at The Setai for four of our seven nights in Miami. Mr S dislikes the inconvenience of moving but secretly I was a bit pleased as it meant I could review two hotels for my blog. Already familiar with several of… Read more »

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SilverSpoon Takes Miami: Staying at the Setai

Like my fellow travel bloggers, I have a totally incurable wanderlust and a huge desire to travel the world. I always want to see new places, go somewhere different and have a new adventure. December was approaching and Mr S and I had a British Airways companion voucher that was about to expire…we searched the… Read more »

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SilverSpoon Takes Miami and New York

We’re off on holiday!!!! First to Miami for sun, fun, cocktails and partying! Then to New York for shopping, cosy lunches, wine and culture… I’ll still be posting as usual…. So follow me on Bloglovin’ to never miss a post… And follow me on Instagram for pics of luxury hotels, fab food and cocktails! If… Read more »

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A Night at The Ritz

Well, you don’t get much more glamorous than the Ritz do you? My lovely Mr Silver knows me so well and for Valentine’s day this year he gave me the perfect present: a night of dinner and dancing at the world famous Ritz Hotel in Piccadilly. I was so excited to go, but once again… Read more »

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The SilverSpoon Guide to Las Vegas!!!

Where can you go to Paris, Rome, Venice and New York all in one day?Vegas, of course!! While the City of Sin may not be for everyone, Mr S and I love the opportunity for partying, fun, shopping and eating lots of food. And gambling? Well we’ll have a flutter, but neither of us are… Read more »