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East Meets West at The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto

After our wonderful night relaxing and experiencing the ancient Japanese way of life at Gora Kadan in Hakone, Mr S and I were catapulted back into the 21st Century as we once again boarded the bullet train and headed to Kyoto. On the banks of the Kamogawa river and with views of the Higashiyama mountains… Read more »

Ten Ways to Experience Traditional Tokyo

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10 Ways to Experience Traditional Tokyo

Tokyo: the capital of Japan, the seat of government and one of the world’s most technologically advanced cities. Tokyo is known for having one of the world’s fastest and most efficient train systems, the latest in robotics, smartphone, artificial intelligence and super fast internet connections. But it is also a city brimming with history and… Read more »

Top 10 Ways to Experience Modern Tokyo

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10 Ways to Experience Modern Tokyo

Tokyo is like a person with a split personality. On the one hand there’s the calm beauty of the strolling gardens, the majestic gravity of the shrines and the fascinating temples. On the other side there’s the highly advanced technology, frantically busy streets and chic bars and restaurants – I don’t think I’ve ever been… Read more »

Luxury Hotel Review: Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

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A Harmonious Stay at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, Japan

As usual extensive research went into choosing our Tokyo hotel and all the reviews pointed towards Mandarin Oriental Tokyo in Nihonbashi as being the top choice for service and style, particularly the Forbes Five Star accolade. We arrived somewhat emotionally drained after the ring incident on the plane and exhausted after our twelve hour flight… Read more »

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Change of Plans: An Asian Adventure

The more we read about the spread of the Zika virus, the more Mr S and I worried about our upcoming trip to South America. We would be spending a week in Brazil, where the virus was continuing to spread at an alarming rate and had been declared a public health emergency by the World… Read more »