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Week 34

For me pregnancy equalled constant feelings of anxiety about one thing or another… from the beginning when I found out about the pregnant late (ish) at 11 weeks and I’d made no lifestyle changes, to the weeks when I lost all my symptoms and didn’t even feel pregnant… plus waiting for results of every blood… Read more »

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Pregnancy Diaries: The Third Trimester: Weeks 28 – 33

If you follow me on social media you’ll know Baby Silver entered the world on the 18th of July 2019 and turned our world upside down in the best possible way! Complications in my pregnancy occurred at week 34 hence my quietness on social media and lack of pregnancy updates. I decided to publish this… Read more »

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Five Luxury Hotels that Have Appeared in the Movies

I love that feeling of seeing a place on the big screen and thinking, I’ve been there! With that in mind, as part of the travel link up, here’s a five hotels with a little movie magic. 1. Das Central, Solden, Austria Last year Mr S and I stayed in the gorgeous Das Central hotel… Read more »

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Hello World

Hello world! Introducing Oscar Ezra Silver, born on the 18th July 2019, three weeks earlier than expected because he just couldn’t wait to see the world! Despite a slightly earlier than expected entrance to the world, he was a healthy 6 pounds and 6 ounces and required no time in intensive care. Meaning he was… Read more »

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Ten Places to Go on Your Babymoon

It’s time for you and your other half to go on your final fling before the responsibility of your baby is in your hands. The world is your oyster (sort of!) so where have you always wanted to go, or is there a special place that you’ve always wanted to return to? Where not to… Read more »

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My Baby Shower

One thing I was keen to do when I found out I was pregnant was to have a baby shower. I don’t think they’re too common in the UK yet as I’ve only been to a few myself even though many of my friends have children but that being the case I don’t get to… Read more »

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Nine Amazing Bars and Restaurants in Taormina, Sicily

There are so many wonderful places in Taormina to experience typical Sicilian food, great hospitality and beautiful scenery. I always contact a hotel before we visit for a list of their recommended restaurants and I did this as usual but the concierge told me there was no real need to book far in advance. This… Read more »

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My Travel Super Power

If I had a travel superhero name it would be ‘Super-Organised Girl’ with my super powers being the ability to create spreadsheets within the blink of an eye, x-ray vision that allows me to see straight through reviews and find just what I’m looking for on TripAdvisor, I have super human endurance when it comes… Read more »

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Our Maternity Photo Shoot and Places to See in Taormina

There are many things I love about traveling; beautiful destinations, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, unique hotels, innovative dining opportunities… but most importantly making memories. We kept our babymoon very chilled with little planned in the way of activities but one thing that I was very keen to do was a maternity photo shoot so that I’d have… Read more »

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Five Things to Do in London this Summer

There’s always a wealth of new and exciting things to do in London when the weather gets hotter. Here are just a few that I’ve been to recently. 1. Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane For the past few years, I’ve really loved spending a few summer days on the terrace at Four Seasons… Read more »