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Five Reasons Why I’m Excited For Spring

A month has passed since I last published a post…the longest time since I put hands to keyboard to write on my blog. I don’t think I’d ever gone more than two weeks before. And why? It’s not because I’ve fallen out of love with writing. It’s the total lack of motivation to write. Of course I’m doing absolutely nothing and every day is groundhog day so that doesn’t help… but I could alway fudge something together¬† compile something of interest to my readers in between travels. But a few weeks ago my mind was out of ideas and my blogging mojo was kaput…

But fear not loyal readers (yes I’m talking to you mum and dad) the blog is back and I’ve got a few ideas whirring around my mind and I’m excited to write again.

I’ve always been grateful for our travel link up as it gives me inspiration to write ‘outside of the box’ and this blog has always been both a personal diary and a place to keep my hotel and restaurant reviews. With the ‘road map’ laid out by the government, I’m feeling more positive about things and very much looking forward to Spring.

Here’s a few things making the countdown to April 12th easier…

1. Taking Every Day as it comes…

With June 21st still seeming a world away, I keenly awaiting 12th of April instead. Being able to sit outside a cafe, get my hair cut and take O to the zoo honestly all seem like the ultimate luxury right now. I’ve been getting emails from my baby / toddler groups with details of reopening and already looking for to being able to stimulate Oscar in different ways.

2. The days are warmer and brighter.

I think everyone will agree it was a hard winter, maybe the hardest in my lifetime (and I know I’m lucky that I had a roof over my head and family around me). It was was so hard as the only option for going out were the playgrounds and the parks and in zero degree temperatures and pouring rain, that was near impossible. O started to prefer having his nap later and then not waking up until 4.30 and with it going dark at 3.45, the day was already over. The warmer, longer days of Spring have never been such a blessing as they are now and I’m so happy we can start having picnics and things soon.

3. Brilliant friends

I’ve always kept in touch with many people throughout my various walks of life, school friends, uni, various jobs and courses, bloggers and new mum friends. I’m honestly not sure what I would have done without my many what’s app groups to make me feel like I always surrounded by friends. Throughout this last year (has it really been a year!?!) we’ve sent each other words of encouragement, memes and been the listening ear for any necessary rants! Many of my mum friends live locally so I’ve always had people nearby to go for walks with, I feel so grateful for that!

4. Booking things to look forward to

Like many people, I’m still very wary of foreign travel but I’m super excited for domestic travel! I have a few things booked including Coworth Park with my sister, Soho Farmhouse with one of my best friends (wohooo girls trip!) and The Newt in Somerset. I’m just now looking for somewhere for a family trip, I’d love some suggestions of somewhere new to try!

5. Many happy announcements

I don’t think I’ve ever had so many friends announce their pregnancies as I have in the last few months… summer and autumn will be a bumper season of bouncing new babies… a new generation born out of lockdown!


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