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Why I’m Happy to Be a Mummy Blogger

I started my blog six and a half years ago and just a few months before my wedding, and it was always my intention to focus on travel, food and London life. But what about when we had a baby? Would it be all change? In my mind being a mummy blogger meant reviewing the latest nappy cream, trialling prams and forgetting about luxury travel. No disrespect but being a mummy blogger has a bit of a stigma attached to it.

Way before I had a baby, I always said to myself, I won’t be a mummy blogger, that’s not me! So what changed?

The love of my life was born.

It started when I first found out I was pregnant all my reading material switched to pregnancy related matters…I started watching pregnancy journey YouTube videos and every time I saw a pregnant woman on Instagram, I wanted to know her story. I researched everything to a tee… what bath we wanted, the cot, the sheets for the cot, the mattress, the moses basket, what brand of Wet Wipes… I became far more interested in the best brands of car seat or pram than I was in holidays or where to eat out. In fact going to a restaurant was the last thing that I wanted to do when I was pregnant.

I read posts on Newborn Essentials, What’s in My Hospital Bag and My Birth Story, which had me so intrigued that I was later prompted to write my own. I watched videos and discovered new YouTubers who became my favourites. The ones I’d loved previously weren’t so interesting to me anymore.

Then I had O and everything changed even more, I no longer had the same amount of time for writing blog posts… or doing anything really. Shopping for him became more fun than shopping for me. Thinking about where I would take him on holiday was more interesting to me and somewhere he would enjoy rather than somewhere that I would.  Seeking out baby groups and baby orientated activities outweighed reading restaurant reviews and thinking about new hot spots. I decided I’d only write one post a week and streamline my blog to have a more family focus. I realised I didn’t have to write nappy reviews (though I could if I wanted to) I could still write about my passions but incorporate O. After all he is my passion and finding ways to make him happy is my number one goal.

Not only am I now happy to have more of a mummy focus on my blog. I started unfollowing accounts that no longer interested me … that pretty girl staring into the distant type travel account no longer resonated with me. I was much more interested in the more raw mummy accounts and what fellow mums were up to. Many of my favourite bloggers who I started following long ago are now mums themselves (some multiple times) such as Polly from Follow Your Sunshine, Jess from The Travelista, Monica Travel Hack, Anna Everywhere, Kara From Heels in Backpack (who inspired this post with her own similar one), Rosie Londoner, Julia from Gal Meets Glam, Ayla from Mama Ayla’s Adventures and Sammy from Summers Holiyay.

This isn’t a blog about luxury travel… or food… or London lifestyle, this is a blog about me. And a huge part of that is now being a mum.