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What’s New for SilverSpoon London in 2020

Ever since I found out about my pregnancy I’d been considering the future of this blog and what would be my next step… with it not only be a new year, but a new decade, I thought the time to announce my planned changes would be. So read on to discover what’s new for SilverSpoon London in 2020…


We’re now approaching the 6th anniversary of SilverSpoon London and I can’t believe that I’ve blogged regularly here for all that time. I haven’t taken a single extended break and I’ve published a blog post nearly at least once a week for the past 6 years. In fact, there are 1081 published posts on this blog, all of which I’m proud of. The blog started as a place for me to write about my holidays, hotel reviews, restaurants and my favourite things going on in London and has now become a full time job for me. I’m so proud of everything I’ve achieved with it and I have no plans to stop, on the contrary I want to change the blog to fit my new situation in life and document the memories of our family.

I’ve always been an avid reader of blogs myself and I’m sad to see so many of my favourites peter out and eventually stop writing and I don’t want that to happen here. At one point I was publishing a blog post every week day and sometimes at the weekend too – so 5 or 6 blog posts a week. But now as I have less spare time on my hands to write, I’ve found myself publishing once or twice a week. It’s a level that I feel comfortable with as I don’t want to reduce the quality of what I’m putting out and as each post requires promotion it means a lot less work overall and more time to focus on Oscar.

In terms of content, I will certainly be taking a family angle. Of course, there’s lots of family travel blogs but I want mine to be a little different and focus on hotels and destinations that don’t compromise on quality for parent and child. Personally, I’ve been to lots of beautiful hotels that are great for adults but will have a token kids club… I’ve also been to hotels with my family that do not feel luxurious because the focus is on the children’s enjoyment rather than on the adults. Therefore, my aim for the future of this blog is to write about hotels that offer luxury both for the parents and their little ones. My recent trip to Nobu Ibiza Bay is a great example of that.

Similarly with restaurant writing I want to tell you about places that provide quality and luxury for all the family both in London and throughout the world. At the same time I don’t want to alienate readers that have been with me from the beginning so there will still be great places for date nights or weekend getaways for adults as there always have been on the blog. I really hope that my audience will grow with me and enjoy these new elements of my life that I love experiencing myself. Parenthood has opened up so many new bloggers that interest me plus it’s amazing how many people I’ve followed for years who are now parent themselves.

As well as luxury travel, food and London lifestyle, there has always been a strong personal element to this blog. Though these posts are no good for Google ranking and I’m pretty sure lots of people aren’t interested in the random things that I get up to, I love writing them for me and for my memories. So expect to see lots of Oscar updates as he negotiates his first year on this earth.

A new element to this blog will be parenting specific blog posts, I’m no expert so I can’t offer advice but I can give personal recommendations and discoveries that I’ve made along the journey. If you’re only coming to this blog for food and travel tips, please do feel free to ignore the parenting related posts!

Social Media 

The demise of blogging has seen the rise and rise of Social Media, most particularly Instagram. Unfortunately, I didn’t jump on the Instagram bandwagon soon enough and as much as I do love it now, my account refuses to grow! Of course that can be rather disheartening but I still love creating images for Instagram, and I love including Oscar in more and more of those images. Again the frequency isn’t what it was, I used to post every day but I just don’t have the time to do that at the moment and I’m posting roughly four times a week. I’m certainly not disappearing from there but do expect to see a little less of me! As ever I love showing you on Stories what I’m up to with Oscar, at home, out in London and abroad – expect lots of that!
So those are the changes that you can see from me this year. Is there anything else you’d like to see? I’d love to know!