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14 Things to Do For Your Baby’s First Christmas

If you’re a lover of Christmas like me, you’ll be even more excited for your baby’s first Christmas than pretty much anything else. Ever. I really wanted to make this year special for Oscar and even though he won’t remember it, I’ll never forget it and I’ll be able to show him the pictures in years to come!

1. Introduce him to Father Christmas! 

I was so excited for Oscar to meet Santa that I actually took him twice. The Chelsea Christmas Grotto located on Pavilion Road, run in collaboration with Children’s entertainers Sharky and George, was absolutely perfect as they were running a ‘My First Grotto’ for under twos. The grotto was super cosy and festive and Father Christmas read the children a story and then the older children were able to do crafts rather than wait in line to see Santa. Of course I dressed him up as the big man himself for the big meeting… and as soon as Oscar came to see him he cried… so I stuck him dummy in and he promptly fell asleep! We did manage to get reasonably good photos though!

His second meeting with Santa was at the fabled, hard-to-get-into Harrods Grotto which I went to with my sister and her boys… this time Oscar dressed as an elf… and still cried when he met Santa!

2. Have A Christmas Tree 

Living on the 13th Floor of a block of flats, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to have a six foot Christmas tree but Pines and Needles have delivered us the perfect tree this year! There have been years when we were a little lax in the tree department but of course we had to go all out for Oscar’s first Christmas.

3. Have Personalised Santa Sacks

I mean we probably went totally overboard on presents for a five month old, and we had to have the perfect way to present them in personalised Santa sacks / Christmas Stockings. I just love the selection at My First Years. 

4. Have A Personalised Christmas Bauble

My dear Binny had a personalised Christmas Bauble made for Oscar’s first Christmas. I’m sure it’s something he’ll treasure for years to come!

5. Dress Them In Christmas Costumes 

I definitely over did the Christmas costumes for Oscar but it was so much fun and baby outfits are so cheap! This is Oscar as Santa

An elf.

A reindeer (see above)

and a pudding…

He told me in no uncertain terms what he thought of the pudding…

6. Wear Matching Pyjamas

It’s harder than you might  think to find matching PJs with your baby but persevere! These cute PJs are from Next (Mr S has them too!).

7. Take them to Hear Carols 

It’s no secret that babies love singing and music so hearing Christmas carols is the perfect baby outing. Fortunately we had a little Christmas party in my building with residents playing instruments and singing songs, it was the perfect way to introduce Oscar to Christmas without taking him out in the cold.

8. Read Christmas Books

I definitely recommend Spot’s First Christmas for a five month old…

9. Have an Advent Calendar… 

Ok so Oscar can’t eat chocolate yet but that’s not a huge problem… I’ve made sure to help him with it…

10. Take them to Afternoon Tea 

Oscar attended several festive afternoon teas with me this… ok so he doesn’t fully appreciate it yet and yes he slept the whole time but it was lovely having him there! When he’s a bit bigger I can’t wait to take him to some of the hotels and restaurants special children’s festive teas!

11. Do a Christmas Eve Box!

And pack it with fun things to play with the night before the big day!

photo by SW1 mum

12. Get him Festive PJs for Everyday!

I bought Oscar so many festive onesies, he didn’t quite have one for every day of advent but he nearly did *face palm.* John Lewis, Next, H &M and The White Company are all great for baby PJs.

13. Buy him Christmas Jumpers… 

Cos who doesn’t love a festive knit! I highly recommend The White Company for stylish and classy Christmas jumpers.

14. Introduce him to Reindeer

Hello Rudolph! We found these real live reindeer outside George Private Members club in Mayfair.

What did you do for your baby’s first Christmas?