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Travel Plans and Wanderlust Wishlist for 2019

It’s that time of year again! Every year on the 1st of January I publish a list of all my definite upcoming plans as well as the places that I hope to go to. Looking back on my 2018 list I’m a bit sad to say I didn’t tick off any of my wanderlust wishes but I won’t beat myself up too much as when I look back on my 2016 bucket list, I’ve now been to all of them! There are still places outstanding on my 2015 and 2017 wish lists but lots of places that have been ticked off too.

1. February – A 40th birthday in Luxembourg

We’ll be heading to Luxembourg for a 40th birthday! Why Luxembourg (it’s quite random!)? Well Mr S actually has friends from there and we’ve visited before when we came for their wedding. We’re staying in the same hotel as last time which is right in the city centre and we’re looking forward to the big party on Friday and then time to explore the city again on Saturday.

Photo from the first time we stayed in Luxembourg five years ago and lol at how crap my photography was! Though Mr S obviously took this cos I can see my knee in the corner. There are so many top notch Michelin-starred restaurants Luxembourg city so hopefully we’ll get time to revisit some of those.

2. May – A Wedding in Bermuda and a stop over in New York!

When Mr S and I were invited to a wedding in Bermuda we realised it was the perfect opportunity to not only get some sun but to revisit one of our favourite cities. Cost wise it made more sense for us to fly to New York and have a weekend there before going on to Bermuda for the wedding. So basically we’ll have a weekend in NYC staying in a fun hotel, doing some shopping, checking out restaurants new to us and old favourites as well as doing so touristy stuff. 
We’ll then fly to Bermuda for five nights staying at the Rosewood Bermuda, enjoying wedding festivities before the actual wedding and enjoying sun, sand and some fresh seafood. We then fly back to New York for a final party weekend before heading home.

Bermuda is a new country for both of us and I can’t wait to see it!

3. July – A Dream Trip Hopefully 

I’m not particularly superstitious but I am scared of jinxing things which is why I’m too nervous to reveal this potential trip. I’ve been invited to one of my dream countries on a multi-destination trip by one of my favourite hotel brands but I’m still trying to figure out the logistics and to see if I can make the dates line up for all the hotels involved in the trip. Fingers and toes crossed that this will happen and I will have some more news on it soon.

Other bits and bobs in the pipeline

There’s a few things Mr S and I have been chatting about that haven’t been booked but may be on the cards. He wants us to go on another ski trip maybe in February / March for those of you who read about my 2018 ski trips, you’ll know that I’m still rubbish on the slopes but that I enjoyed basically everything else about skiing! So yes, I’m keen to go again. Also this year will be our five year wedding anniversary, for the last fews years on our anniversary we’ve visited a new place in Italy but this year our anniversary falls only a week before our New York trip, I’m still trying to convince Mr S to sneak in an Italy trip but otherwise we’ll be celebrating in the big Apple!
With my nephew Jackson approaching the one and half mark and toddling all over the place, we’re also thinking about family holidays. My parents aren’t into international travel so we’ll be looking at UK breaks and revisiting our favourite UK hotels. There’s also talk of Disneyland Paris as my parents can get the train without worrying about flights. I haven’t really talked about my love of Disney on here but I will seriously cry when I meet Anna and Elsa!

Wanderlust Wishlist

1. Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden has appeared on nearly all my wishlists but for some reason I’ve still not been. Come on Angie, it’s not even that difficult to make it happen! I’d actually hoped to visit at Christmas but when our trip to Austria came up we jumped at the chance to do that and Stockholm once again got sidelined. To be honest, I’d rather go in summer when it’s not dark and freezing anyway so perhaps this could be a little mini break for us later in the year.

2. USA South West Road Trip

Ok, this is a bit of a new entry for any of wishlists or bucketlists but earlier in the year I had the germ of the idea for going on a road trip around the South West USA. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea and obviously starting mental planning a dream trip. The trip would encompass Denver and Colorado before going on to experience Arizona and Utah and then ending with Las Vegas. We would be taking in some of the South West’s most stunning National Parks, the Grand Canyon and more whilst staying in some of the most beautiful hotels. Hopefully I can make this happen some day!

3. Some Relaxation Time

I’m not tired of travelling yet but the gruelling travel itinerary of our South America trip versus the fun and easy relaxation of our Amalfi Coast and Greece trips made me truly appreciate Mr S’s style of travel. As much as I’m still yearning to see new things and experience new countries and cultures, I’m also keen for a really good relaxing holiday this year. I’d still be keen to go somewhere I’d never been so I’m still able to get those new experiences. Some ideas are a beautiful resort in Vietnam (though the long haul flight and jet lag is off putting!), The Seychelles and Mauritius also both appeal especially as I’ve never been to either and the time difference isn’t so bad for my chronic jet lag. I’d also love to return to Mexico as I visited on a press trip and didn’t see much outside the resort that I was reviewing, plus Mr S has never been.

Closer to home, I’d be intrigued to visit Montenegro as it seems a bit different to the standard European holiday. Mr S will be delighted to read this by the way!


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