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My Travel Bucket List

A couple of years ago the topic ‘places I can’t get out of my head‘ was one of our most popular travel link ups. Emma clearly couldn’t get the topic out of her head as she suggested we revive it for this month’s link up – and I loved the idea. Back then as well as telling you about some of the most memorable places I visited, I also listed four I really wanted to visit and these were: Iguassu Falls, Machu Picchu, Toyko and the Amalfi Coast. On this list I’ve only managed to tick off Tokyo (due to cancelling our Brazil and Peru trip) but the Amalfi coast is firmly booked for this May. This time I thought I’d finally share my bucket list with you after a few people who saw it on Instagram Stories requested a post.
A few words on the list: It’s kind of a 40 before 40 but it currently stands at 38 as I don’t quite want to finalise it yet! It’s also in no particular order, it’s just in the order that I thought of things. Also I wrote this after I’d already done a few major bucket list worthy things such as my first safari, visiting Ayers Rock, staying in the rain forest, driving the Pacific Coast Highway etc so those aren’t on there. I have put a strike through the ones I’ve done.

1.Eat traditional Peruvian food in Lima

I love Peruvian food and I really want to try the real stuff! When we had Peru booked I was planning on booking Central by Chef Virgilio Martínez which is also one of the best restaurants in the world.

2. See Macchu Picchu

I think seeing this Incan Citadel is on most travel lovers bucketlist! It’s also on my list to get the Belmond Hiram Bingham luxury train to the top.

3. Party in Rio

I would seriously love to party in Rio de Janeiro though to be honest Carnival isn’t on my list as it sounds a bit overwhelming!!

4. See Iguassu falls

This could probably top my bucketlist as I think there’s nothing more spectacular than a waterfall. I have my eye on staying in the new Awasi property.

5. Stay at Jade Mountain

For years I’d seen pictures of Jade Mountain in St Lucia, a beautiful and unique property where each room only has three walls. I stayed there in 2015.

6. Make Chocolate in St Lucia

My dream of visiting St Lucia was accompanied by a wish to make my own chocolate. We did this at Boucan, the hotel owned by Hotel Chocolat which also has it’s own cococa plantation.

7. Eat Sushi in Toyko

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you won’t be able to escape the fact that sushi is my favourite food. So of course it was a dream to actually eat sushi in Japan! I visited Japan in 2016 and experienced sushi in every way possible from the Tsukiji Fish Market to Michelin-starred restaurants.

8. Take the Bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto

Taking the bullet train was also ticked of on this 2016 trip and still can’t get over how it was the most efficient and speedy form of transport I’ve ever taken.

9. See the sunset in Santorini

I’m a sucker for a good sunset and I’d always heard the sunsets in Santorini were incredible. When I had the opportunity to visit last year I absolutely couldn’t wait to see the sun dip behind those iconic white buildings.

10. Drive the roads of the Amalfi Coast (stay at Le Sireneuse).

As mentioned in the introduction, the Amalfi Coast has been a dream of mine for several years and we’ve finally booked it. Including that sought after stay at Le Sireneuse. Edit done in May 2018

11.Galápagos Islands

I’d love to see this heaven for nature lovers both by land and by sea.

12. See St Basil’s Cathedral in Russia

With my family roots being Russian, it’s been on my bucket list to visit for years. Plus it’s a huge country to tick off the map.

13. Visit the Masai Mara

I visited Masai Mara in 2016 and for many reasons it was one of the best experiences of my life. I lost count of the number of pinch me moments that I had. 

14. Stay at Giraffe Manor

I don’t think any bucket list hotel stay can compete with Giraffe Manor, the place where you have breakfast and afternoon tea with giraffes. I did this on my trip to Kenya in 2016. 

15. Stay in Hotel Grand Tremezzo

After my first visit to Lake Como, I dreamed of returning and staying at Hotel Grand Tremezzo – I did just that last year. 

16. Visit Budapest and stay at Gresham Palace

I’ve visited many countries in Europe but Hungary and Budapest had remained to be ticked off until the end of last year when Mr S took me there for my birthday. I’d always wanted to stay at the Gresham Palace and it lived up to every expectation. 

17. Visit Vineyards in Argentina – updated 14/05/2018

Watch this space, this is happening next week!! We visited Mendoza, stayed at Cavas Wine lodge and visited some beautiful vineyards. 

18. See the Great Wall of China

Mr S will generally just agree to what ever trips I fancy, but visiting the Great Wall of China is something we both really want to do. I’ve never visited China and the closest I’ve come to it is Hong Kong.

19. See Pandas in China

Animal experiences are often on my bucket list as I feel like there can be no greater experience than nature. Plus pandas are super cute and I really want to see them in Chengdu in China.

20. Wine tasting in the Douro Valley

We’ve been to many wine regions and stayed in beautiful vineyard hotels, the Douro Valley in Portugal is somewhere that I’d really like to tick off.

21. Take a dip in the Blue Lagoon

I know it’s majorly touristy but I’d always wanted to see the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and take a dip in the thermal waters. I got to do this last year, 2017. 

22. See Iceland and the waterfalls

Iceland was a place I’d always dreamed of seeing but it took some persuading as Mr S really didn’t see the appeal. I won him over though when we both totally fell in love with the country last year.

23. Stay in an above water villa in The Maldives

Honestly, who doesn’t dream of staying in one of these villas that seems to float above the sea. The Maldives is the ultimate luxury travel destination and I finally visited last year staying at Gili Lankanfushi and Velaa Private Island

24 .Eat at The Rock restaurant

Probably one of the only semi-disappointments on this list. From the pictures of the Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar, it appears to float in the middle of the sea but when we arrived at lunch time at low tide it didn’t look nearly so impressive! 

25. Coffee in a traditional Viennese café

Another one ticked off last year, and Vienna is the most beautiful city to explore!

26. Fika in Stockholm

Are you sensing a theme here? Yes lots on the list is food related and I’d love to sample some of the traditions in Sweden.

27. Stay at &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

I’d absolutely love to stay at &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge in Tanzania which just looks like no where else on earth..

28. Visit the Serengeti 

I would combine the above with a safari in the Serengeti. After ticking of Kruger Park in South Africa and Masai Mara in Kenya, I feel like The Serengeti is next. I would stay in one of the Singita properties as I stayed with them in South Africa and it I still maintain it’s the best place that I’ve ever stayed.

29. Explore Costa Rica

Long story but I nearly went on a press trip to Costa Rica last year,  though I didn’t make it I’m still very keen to visit what looks like an absolutely out of this world place.

30. Drink wine in Chile – updated 14/05/2018

Happening in the next couple of weeks!! We visited Santiago, Atacama Desert and Patagonia – and enjoyed plenty of local wine!

31. Eat in a cave restaurant in Italy

The most spectacular cave restaurant that I’ve seen pictures of is in Puglia but I’ve also seen some cool cave-like place on the Amalfi coast so watch this space on that one!

32. Eat Tapas in Barcelona

Some bucket list experiences are easier to achieve than others but I’d been wanting to Barcelona for years. Finally ticking this dream off my bucket list by enjoying some fabulous beachfront dining in the city last year.

33. Explore the Norwegian Fjords

I ticked this of at the beginning of this year when I took a cruise to Geiranger Fjord in Norway. 
I was a little sad that the waterfalls were frozen, but frozen waterfalls are pretty spectacular too!

34. Stay in the Tree Hotel in Sweden

I absolutely love unique and quirky hotels and the Tree Hotel in Sweden looks to fit the bill. I’d love to combine a trip here with a visit to Stockholm.

35. Stay in the AndBeyond hotel in Mozambique

After staying at AndBeyond Mnemba Island, I totally fell in love with the style of hospitality offered in by this hotel group. Staying at their lodge in Mozambique is also a dream of mine.

36. Discover Jewish history in Poland

As with Russia, I have strong roots in Poland but I’ve still never been. Though it would be harrowing, I’m interested to visit Auschwitz.

37. Take a trip to Malaysia 

A place that’s long been on my list; I’d love to see the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Orangutans in Borneo and relax on the beach in Langkawi (the Four Seasons here looks amazing).

38. A Trip to Vietnam 

I’ve been in love with South East Asia for years so trip to Malaysia and Vietnam would further fuel my travel dreams.

Ok that’s in for now…and my wanderlust is truly stoked… I’m off to book some flights…