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A Festive Night at The Dorchester and Christmas Wreathing-Making

Three and half years ago I headed to The Dorchester a single girl, the next day I left the luxury London hotel a married woman. The Dorchester will always be my favourite hotel for that very reason – it’s where I got ready for my big day, where we had our wedding reception and where we spent our first night as a married couple
And that beautiful Grand Dame is all dressed up for the festive season. A glittering facade and several elaborately decorated Christmas trees are the welcoming view…
Inside is the floor to ceiling tree with a dazzling star at the top – like always the beautiful hotel sticks with tradition, no upside down tree here!
The cutest little sweet shop is well guarded by to soldiers…
And a gingerbread replica of the hotel stands proudly in the lobby -8,000 pieces of gingerbread and 200 pats of butter have gone into this!
There’s not one but about ten Christmas trees lining the lobby, all beautifully decorated by in-house florist Philip Hammond. Honestly, if you’re not in the festive spirit yet, come to The Dorchester and you will be instantly!

If you ever stay at hotel, I highly recommend a visit to The Dorchester Spa. I personally think it’s the most beautiful spa in London and it was the gorgeous location for our night of festive fun.

The Spatisserie is my favourite parts, it a beautiful mirrored room with pink accents, the perfect place for a luxurious afternoon after your treatments. But today the Spatisserie had been transformed to a florist’s work shop for a festive wreath-making class with Philip Hammond.

Fuelling up on Champagne Laurent-Perrier and mince pies (scones for me), Lauren, Giulia and I took to our stations to start constructing our wreathes. 
Fortunately the real hard work had been done for us as the base had already been constructed – Phil recommends using blue spruce pine as it has a good shape and lasts a long time. Having done two wreath classes Christmas last year, I know there’s no real rules! But I was pleased to see we were sticking to tradition with red baubles and organic embellishments. 
We started by preparing our decorations, threading the oranges, pine cones and baubles with wires…   
Before we started attaching everything bit by bit. Art was never my strong point but I was quite proud of how it came together, I made sure that there weren’t too many gaps and there was an even coverage of the embellishments.
And here are the finished masterpieces! The scent was gorgeous too, I love the Christmassy smell of oranges and pine cones. 
After all our hard work we headed upstairs to The Bar, for a festive cocktail or two. It’s an utterly gorgeous bar and one of my favourites in London – ordering a Dorchester Bellini with Prosecco, fresh mango and bergamot rosolio I only had time for a quick drink and had to say no to the amazing looking bar snacks as I had a dinner to get to.

As always my time at the Dorchester passed by like a dream! It was quite possibly my favourite festive night in London ever, Lauren and I text each other multiple times the next day to discuss how wonderful it was!!

A huge thank you to The Dorchester for having us and for a truly magical night!

We were guests of the hotel for this wonderful festive evening.