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Champagne and Sushi at Sea Fu on Jumeirah Beach

I have the fortunate coincidence of staying at Four Seasons Resort at Jumeirah Beach on a Saturday…and at many places that famous Friday brunch languidly extends to Saturday allowing the decadence to continue all weekend. The resort’s signature restaurant, Sea Fu is famous for it’s Saturday brunch showcasing the excellent Asian seafood on the menu. 
You can reach Sea Fu by walking straight off  the beach! I’d advise you to glam up a bit though as this is seriously a place for fashionistas and ideal for people watching.
Or you can access the restaurant via a shady stroll through the resort’s perfectly manicured garden. 
Either way, I guarantee that you’ll be wowed by this stylishly chic restaurant and the fantastic food served there. As I mentioned  Four Seasons Resort at Jumeirah Beach isn’t a huge hotel, the focus is on quality not quantity and venues such as Sea Fu and Mercury lounge bring the glamour whereas Suq is the more family friendly choice and Shai Salon is a stunning venue for afternoon tea. There’s another five restaurants in the Restaurant Village just steps away from the hotel so there’s plenty of variety without diluting the quality. What I really loved about this hotel was that it felt quite intimate in comparison the other huge resort hotels that we visited.

Sea Fu is a beautiful space, Gulf views, a restaurant packed with people and a live DJ, all the ingredients for a successful restaurant. And the food is wonderful too!

You can take a seat inside for the air conditioning or do as we did and enjoy beachfront views with the sound of the Gulf merging with the DJ’s tunes. The a la carte menu looks right up my street with sushi rolls, ceviches, soups and seafood as well as a few meat and vegetarian dishes. The brunch, however is a surprise…no buffet here, the waitress simply brings a selection from the chef for you to enjoy. As is standard for the Saturday brunch, you can choose from three pricing options and packages: no alcoholic beverages, drinks inclusive of wine, beer and prosecco or the premium package with champagne and cocktails.

Though it’s a surprise menu, the starter selection includes several of my favourites. A delicious sushi and sashimi platter highlighting the incredibly fresh tuna at the restaurant. 
Fat prawns covered in delicious tempura batter.

Oysters, not really a favourite of mine but we both them downed in one enjoying  the orange ponzu vinaigrette.
Tuna tartare, my perennial favourite was served on top of creamy avocado with a deliciously piquant sauce. 
And the signature okonomiyaki, a Japanese omelette that’s a brunch staple at Sea Fu. This isn’t just simple beachside cuisine, French-Vietnamese chef Pierre Barusta has a background in fine dining and has worked in top Michelin-starred restaurants.

Next up is the seafood course and we loved these fat succulent prawns. I wasn’t quite convinced by the sauce, I’m not quite sure what it was but I prefer to enjoy the freshness of the prawns unadulterated by a sauce.

Better was the seared black cod marinated in miso. Sweet hunks of fish that flaked beautifully apart with our forks…so good we asked for seconds. You’re welcome and even encouraged to have seconds of anything here!

A small portion of fried rice completed the second course selection and with everything being light seafood bites we were still ready for more. 
Stir-fried beef was the only meat course and it with some really tasty vegetable noodles.
This rather dreamy dessert platter finished us off very nicely. My favourite sweet being the the citrussy mochi which made the perfect palate cleanser after a truly excellent brunch.

Sea Fu is open for lunch, dinner and sunset cocktails and I can safely say this restaurant is excellent any time of day for a trendy vibe, beautiful location and totally excellent food. It’s one place I’ll certainly be returning to if I head back to Dubai.


Sea Fu
Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach
Jumeirah Beach Road
Jumeirah 2
PO Box 128777

+97 04 270 7777

Our stay at Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach and lunch at Sea Fu was complimentary