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The Hennessy Winter Garden at Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane

There’s something so romantic about enjoying an al fresco drink when the weather’s cold. Cuddling up in your thick coats and scarves with a cashmere blanket on your lap and your hands wrapped around a hot toddy. That’s why I absolutely love the new Winter Garden at Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane, inspired by Hennessy it’s the perfect place to enjoy a drink this Christmas.

The evening was cool but it had that beautiful crisp feel in the air; not too cold to enjoy a beautiful London evening.
And The Winter Garden is utterly gorgeous, decked out in festive florals by in house floral designer, Rosalind Ackerley, I loved the pretty pine trees and birch twigs and of course the huge Christmas tree at the back.
Against a back drop of twinkling lanterns and London’s city lights, there’s plenty of places to snuggle up and get warm.luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-8
With comfy cushions, soft blankets and sheepskin rugs…luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-9
…it may be cold outside but there’s a little spot of warmth in the heart of Mayfair. And you can choose from the garden-style benches, a table next to a heater…luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-11luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-10
Or the VIP Hennessy Lodge, our location for the evening. luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-13
And is there anything better than a hot chocolate in the cold weather? Yes there is…Hennessy Infused Tonino Lamborghini Hot Chocolate. You might say, it’s the super car of Hot Chocolates. But there’s also mulled wine and hot toddies should these be your warming boozy beverage of choice. luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-18 luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-24
Finishing up our hot chocolates, we popped open a bottle of champagne to share among my friends which included fellow bloggers, Laura, Lauren from Aspiring Kennedy and Nathan, as well as Georgie from Four Seasons and Max Helm the UK Ambassador for Hennessyluxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-12luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-15 luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-16
A crisp glass of Veuve Cliquot was the perfect compliment for the chilled night and a great way to celebrate the start of the festive season. luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-19
And is there anything better than a cheese and ham toastie in the cold weather? Yes there is! A croque monsieur topped with truffle! I just love the way that at the Winter Garden they’ve taken classic Christmas comforts and elevated them to another level. luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-20
Like these hot dogs but not hot dogs…which are actually Lidgate Butcher sausages in a brioche-like bun with caramelised onion marmalade. Inspired by European Christmas markets, all the food served at the Winter Garden is delicious and warming and quite honestly exactly what you’re craving on a cold night.

With a chill setting in we decided to head inside to hear more about luxury cognac, Hennessy, from Max. luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-23luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-32
But first I took a moment to admire the beautiful indoor tree and decorations filling the lobby of the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane. And then our group took a comfortable seat in the warmth of the hotel’s Amaranto Lounge. luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-25
Lined up on a beautiful drinks trolley, the fine spirits just exude quality from the golden colour to the beautifully crafted bottle. Founded back in 1765 by Irish aristocrat and Napoleonic soldier, Richard Hennessy, it is now the world’s best selling cognac.
We were fortunate enough to the X.O which the first ever extra old cognac. The flavours of dried fruits, chocolate, wood and leather made a perfect after dinner pairing with the fruit or marble cake on the menu in the Winter Garden. luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-29luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-2
The Hennessy Paradis Imperial has more floral notes and jasmine and orange giving it more of a spring time feel. With a such a stunning bottle it also makes a fantastic gift and the hotel are selling bespoke bottles with a personal engraving.

I had a fantastic night and I loved it so much that I took Mr S back at the weekend for hot chocolates and traditional French onion soup on the terrace!

Open daily (weather permitting) from 12pm until 11pm with a no-booking policy

Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane
Hamilton Place
Park Lane

020 7319 5206

I was a guest of the Four Seasons for this press event but I returned a few days later independently ‘cos I loved it so much!