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Sheraton Grand London Park Lane: An Art Deco Hotel with History

It’s out with the old and in with the new at The Sheraton Grand London Park Lane and a multi-million pound refurbishment of the rooms and public areas have given this luxury hotel a glittering new life! Even the name is new and the addition of ‘Grand’ to the hotel’s title is definitely a well fitting moniker.  luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-108
I’d been invited to spend the night in the hotel and experience the very best luxury experiences that the hotel has to offer. Starting with a VIP pick up from my home in Victoria, I was swiftly transferred the short journey to the hotel location opposite Green Park and the reception situated on Brick Street.

After a warm welcome, I was whisked up to my renovated Park View Suite, one of the highest room categories on offer at The Sheraton Grand London Park Lane. I was immediately drawn to the gorgeous welcome amenity above with my blog name in sugar, delicious macarons and two thoughtful bottles of homemade lemonade…of course it went straight on Instagram. After my quick ‘gram I was excited to look around the room, starting with the gorgeous bedroom.   luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-4
Throughout the hotel there are hints of glamorous art deco and I loved the slated mirror above the bed and the modern deco-style lighting. Large spacious wardrobes and a sumptuous chaise lounge added to the luxurious feel of the room.
As the name of the room suggests, there’s a gorgeous view on to Green Park and two cute little Dalmations statues are reminders that the film 101 Dalmations was filmed in the park. In fact doggy stars, Pongo and Perdy are the official mascots of the hotel.
Moving into the bathroom, it’s perfectly spacious with a double sink and gorgeous Molten Brown products.luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-21luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-18
By combining the shower and bath into the wet room, the architect has made a great use of the space, which is always limited in a London hotel.

But the real show stopper was to come…
The stunning open plan area perfectly combined separate spaces for living, working and dining.luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-6
I loved the stylish touches around the room, the golden canopy above, the accents of purple and the neutral tones that reflected the hotel’s park side location.
With it’s gorgeous full size sofas, plump cushions, wide screen TV, fully stocked fridge AND nespresso machine, I could have quite easily moved in! luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-11
Plus I could have fabulous dinner parties on this gorgeous dining table for six with it’s glamorous lights suspended from the ceiling. Everything about the room was chic and modern and there was so much space to relax in.
What I really loved about the hotel was the attention to detail, I was asked what my favourite wine was and it was bought up in the evening. An amenity of ‘make your own gin and tonic’ was also placed in the room which was a lovely thoughtful touch and something that I’d never seen before in a hotel.luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-74
Guests staying in one of the forty-three Sheraton Club rooms or one of the suites have access to the club lounge with complimentary drinks and snacks luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-27luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-28
There’s plenty of little nooks to work or relax in plus a private meeting room for business travellers.

While much of the hotel interior is brand new, the hotel’s famous Art Deco Ballroom and Silver Gallery is Grade II listed and have been lovingly restored. It’s stepping into this area that really allows you to take a peek into the history of  the property which opened as the Park Lane Hotel in 1927.
The Silver Gallery is now seventy years old and remains the achingly-glamorous entrance to the hotel’s ball room. The beautiful silver pillars and arched mirrors remain and have been given a face lift by an expert team of Italian restorers. The attention to detail is top-notch and a new carpet from Italy replicates the original from the 1920’s.luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-39
Viewing the ballroom from a gallery above I was able to take in the enormity of its size. The Sheraton Grand London Park Lane is the only hotel in London with a full-size Art Deco Ballroom and at 11,000 square feet it’s rather ginormous. Having had to seek out a huge ballroom for my own wedding, I know what a rarity a space like this is in London. What I loved most about the room was the beautiful femininity of the pink and purple tones, the gorgeous glass lighting and the intricate motifs lining the walls. Together, the Ballroom and the Silver Gallery have been described as two of London’s finest monuments of the Art Deco design era.

At the heart of the hotel is the Palm Court, a hub that has long been a place for London’s glitterati to gather and enjoy afternoon tea or cocktails.  luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-42
Like the rest of  the hotel the Palm Court has been beautifully transformed by MKV Design. Soft velvet furnishings in purple and orange are surrounded by rose gold and bronze fixtures…an interior design dream.
The space is split into different areas so guests can enjoy the bar, lounge or snug area separately and with the raised seating area, people having tea aren’t disturbed by the general traffic of other guests walking through the hotel.
luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-100 luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-101
The Palm Court offers all day dining as well as afternoon tea and I was able to try both during my stay. Let’s start with the afternoon tea and a glass of Moët and Chandon!luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-43luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-61luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-47luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-49
One thing that I really loved about The Sheraton Grand London Park Lane was how the restoration really connected with the history of the hotel and elements of the past are weaved in sometimes in the most subtle ways. The famous Birdcage Afternoon Tea reflects the previous nickname for the hotel. With the hotel first being conceived in 1913, construction was halted by the First World War and the steel frame that stood on Piccadilly became nicknamed ‘The Birdcage’. It was only in 1924 that the eventual mayor of London, Mr Bracewell-Smith bought the structure and began working on the construction of a hotel that would celebrate the Art Deco design of the era.
Admittedly what I also liked was that the tea was very pink!
A classic hotel, all the sandwiches were my afternoon tea favourites, creamy egg mayonaisse, coronation chicken, cucumber, ham and crab and best of all smoked salmon on a little savoury scone.
Fluffy scones came all wrapped up so that were still warm and ready to be spread with clotted cream and jam. luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-54luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-57
And there’s a gorgeous selection of pastries, my favourite being the strawberry and balsamic mousse on a buttery biscuit. luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-60luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-45
But that’s not all! There’s a bonus cake which you can choose from a tea trolley at the side.

Though I didn’t try any of the cocktails in the Palm Court, I was interested to learn about the recent appointment of a ‘Drinks Historian’. Another way that the hotel maintains it’s connection to its glamorous past, drinks expert Rebecca Seal has drawn on her knowledge to create a menu inspired by the 1920’s and 30’s. Guests are able to discover drinks from ‘The Golden Age of Cocktails’ when the hotel first opened right up to the present day…basically a bar crawl through history. luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-106
As well as a journey through time, the menu at The Sheraton Grand Park Lane also takes you around the world with its global cuisine and the innovative ‘Paired’ Menu. Each of the international dishes has been expertly matched with a wine or a beer to create the perfect pairing. We ordered a selection of small sharing plates including: luxury-hotel-review-the-sheraton-grand-park-lane_-102
Potted salmon with melba toast.
A selection of cured meats.
Polenta in breadcrumbs.
Pulled pork with apple chutney and celeriac slaw.
And smoked mackerel slides with sweet pickle relish. With work to do, we decided against a boozy pairing with each small plate and after a glass of bubbles, I tried a delicious Chenin Blanc from South Africa which paired beautifully with the fish options. Mr S chose an Argentinian Malbec to compliment the meat.

I loved discovering the history behind the newly renovated hotel, I love luxury hotels but it’s always fascinating to hear the story behind them so that you appreciate them even more. I’ve got lots more to tell you about the Sheraton Grand London Park Lane, particularly about the more modern additions to the hotel and why they make the perfect date night.


Sheraton Grand London Park Lane

I was a guest of Sheraton Grand London Park Lane and food and drink were complimentary for the duration of my stay