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An Out of Africa picnic at Angama Mara

Our trip to Kenya was one full of pinch me moments, and one of my favourite memories was our Out of Africa picnic at Angama Maraluxury-hotel-review-angama-mara-3-25 luxury-hotel-review-angama-mara-3-26
Led up a steep rocky path to the summit of a hill top, in the hot African sun…Mr S and I were huffing and puffing but we knew they’d be a special reward at the top. luxury-hotel-review-angama-mara-3-27luxury-hotel-review-angama-mara-3-31
A beautifully arranged picnic glen with Angama Mara’s signature red blankets…luxury-hotel-review-angama-mara-3-30
With our own private bar and bottle of wine chilling nicely. But that wasn’t the best bit. luxury-hotel-review-angama-mara-3-28 luxury-hotel-review-angama-mara-3-29
A beautiful rock for two, laid out as the perfect viewing platform across the Mara. The ideal ‘Out of Africa’ moment. luxury-hotel-review-angama-mara-3-32
I’d seen Mr S sneakily ordered something at breakfast so I was excited to see a bottle of pink bubbles right by our special vista view point.luxury-hotel-review-angama-mara-3-34 luxury-hotel-review-angama-mara-3-35 luxury-hotel-review-angama-mara-3-36 luxury-hotel-review-angama-mara-3-37 luxury-hotel-review-angama-mara-3-38
It was actually our final few hours left at Angama Mara and time to toast to our wonderful time there…luxury-hotel-review-angama-mara-3-41
And take a last moment to contemplate the beauty of the scenery.luxury-hotel-review-angama-mara-3-42
The old style picnic basket and metal evoked the old-world charm and the setting of Out of Africa and we carefully laid out all our goodies on our cosy checkered blanket. luxury-hotel-review-angama-mara-3-44
Yummy sandwiches, salads, fresh fruit and cake made up our feast and we enjoyed another glass of bubbles as we ate our last mouthfuls of food. We were careful not to over do it with the wine though as we had a big day of travelling ahead.

It was time to say goodbye to Lemaalo and all the wonderful people who we’d met at Angama Mara as we were driven to the hotel’s private airstrip…luxury-hotel-review-angama-mara-3-45
And this was to be our ride! A tiny private plane that would take us two hours north…luxury-hotel-review-angama-mara-3-46 luxury-hotel-review-angama-mara-3-47 luxury-hotel-review-angama-mara-3-48
From the lush green landscape of Angama Mara…
To the red sands of Samburu!



Our accommodation at Angama Mara was complimentary on an all-inclusive basis. We covered the costs of transfers and park fees.