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The World in Bloom at Heathrow Airport

I’ve written before about the evocative nature of scent and how certain aromas can trigger travel memories. Well don’t particular fragrances also remind you of people? Like my mum always wore rose-scented perfume, Mr S wears a citrussy aftershave and lavender will always remind me of my grandmother. Those beautiful scents will always bring back memories of those people where ever I am…
Fragrance can be so strongly linked to relationships, evoking memories of past lovers or used to attract new ones. People are often inspired by family member to try a new fragrance and sometimes adopt a new perfume when starting a new relationship…it’s just like starting a fresh. dsc_4178 dsc_4183
Different perfumes and and scents vary in popularity across the world, as shown by this giant floral map installation currently in Heathrow airport.dsc_4179
Talented florist, Larry Walshe has created this living artwork with 2,000 fresh flowers to represent different fragrance trends from across the world. Housed in Terminal 5, it celebrates the new season in fragrance and will be live until the 24th September.
Apparently us Brits (myself included) love floral scents where the people from the USA and Mexico are fond of lavender and orange blossom.dsc_4261
In India it’s mint and mandarin whereas spicy ginger and cinnamon are favoured in the UAE. dsc_4229dsc_4190
A big fan of all things floral, I thought the map was really pretty especially the fragrant embellishments such as raw amber stones, sandalwood and dried oranges.dsc_4157
The other side of the installation showed which perfume fragrances would be big for autumn with woody, fresh, oriental and floral coming out on top! Unsurprisingly more perfume is sold in Heathrow than anywhere else in the UK and over 2.6 million bottles of perfume are sold every year.dsc_4241
I love building new memories through scent associations. The question is where to next?

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