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Five Things That Characterise My Travel Style

Years of travelling gives you a firm understanding of what you like and your favourite ways to travel. Like many experienced travellers, I’ve tried lots of different styles of travel and by now I think I’ve found what works for me.

1. Luxury Travel

As you know, this blog focuses firmly on luxury travel but I wanted to tell you a bit more about why I love this style of travel. I think the word ‘luxury’ has slightly lost its all meaning and of course it has different definitions to for each person. ‘Luxury Travel’ can also have a negative reputation, surely if you’re travelling in ‘luxury’ you’re not getting a true experience of a place?
For me, the best thing about luxury travel is the very opposite of that. Actually it often allows a real insider insight into the people and culture of a destination. For example, when were staying at Singita on a South African safari we could get a close as possible to the animals in a completely open vehicle. Luxury travel isn’t necessarily about the finest and most opulent hotel; it’s staying right at the entrance to Macchu Picchu so you can enter first before the crowds. It’s not just eating the food, it’s going into the kitchen and meeting the chef and learning all about his processes. It’s taking a private tour with someone local to the area who can tell you all about their life and all their favourite places to go that no one else knows about.
For hotels we prefer smaller properties with character, charm and personality. Big properties can be über luxurious but lack that personal, special touch.

Luxury travel is not about showing off, it’s about discretion, comfort, privacy, personal preference and having the luxury of time to relax and truly enjoy seeing a place with someone you love.

2. Couples Travel 

The great thing about having the freedom to travel is being able to choose how you like to do it. For many people their preference is solo travel which is a great way to be independent, see things in your own time and gain confidence. I’ve also tried group travel, which can be really good fun but can be harder to coordinate. My personal preference is couples travel…either with Mr S or with a friend. PIC1
I’ve mentioned before that Mr S and I have a strong partnership when it comes to travel (I tell him what to do and he does it 😉 ) and we also love romantic travel. Beautiful locations, great restaurants and taking in history and culture together, always building memories and having fantastic experiences to look back on. I also love travelling with a friend, catching up after some time apart over a glass of wine and spending the day exploring before ending up at the hotel for a pamper session and a night out. DSC_8571

3. Foodie Travel 

It’s no surprise that foodie travel also comes into my travel style. Let’s face it Mr S and I often travel in order to eat! To try authentic flavours, Michelin-starred restaurants and the hot and trendy places. Meticulous research and advanced planning means that we have eaten in some of the world’s best restaurants: DSC06838DSC_5667
Eaten incredible food at restaurants recommended by locals:DSC_0593DSC_5994
And had some amazing once in a lifetime unique experiences.
We also love wine tourism and if there an option to visit a vineyard, we’re always keen! Trips to Chianti, Napa Valley, The Cape Winelands and Yarra Valley have been firm highlights on some of our adventures.

4. Unadventurous Adventure

Sadly I have to admit to being someone who is scared of everything! My biggest fears being heights and creepy crawlies but I’m also pretty scared of going in the sea! I realise I can’t live my life being afraid of everything and I try to combat my fears by doing little things that scare me such as flying in a seaplane, going in a cable car, staying in a hotel in the middle of the rain forest and diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Trust me I’m not going to be going to be base jumping or holding a tarantula anytime soon but I love my little unadventurous adventures.
Though we move around a fair bit for some trips, our form of travel is often at a slower pace. Enjoying scenery, taking in the culture and the foodie scene without too much dashing around!

5. Memory Keeper

After returning from a trip we’ll have SD card full of about 2,000 photos (#bloglife) which we later sift through! I like creating books, printing photos and framing them and keeping my memories around me where I can see them.DSC_0835
We also like to buy special souvenirs from our trips to keep in our flat as another memory of a wonderful trip together. There are so many things that I love about travelling and luxury travel but for me the most important is building memories together and shared experiences to look back on.

I’d love to know more about your travel style so I’m nominating other bloggers to write a post detailing five things that are characteristic of their travel style. Or let me know in the comment below.

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