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A Pizza Pitstop in Pisa

Due to timing issues, we flew in and out of Pisa airport rather than Florence and on the way back to the airport we decided to make a quick pit stop to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa…
DSC_1387 DSC_1391
The tower itself is the bell tower of the main cathedral of the Italian city of Pisa and of course, it is what the town has become famous for. So why does the tower lean…and trust me it leans even more than you expect…well the tower was built on very soft ground which had trouble supporting the weight of it.DSC_1400
Of course, a huge mistake but one that has resulted in one of Italy’s most famous landmarks. Though in 1964 the Italian Government began to worry that it would topple over and a counter weight was installed. Of course, it was important to maintain the lean, as that what it’s famous for and it attracts lots of tourists.

I really liked the idea of going for pizza in Pisa…sometimes the obvious ideas are the best… and we were a little short on time with a plane to catch.¬†DSC_1411
We ducked into a nearby side street and found Pizzeria Trattoria La Buca¬†where Mr S ordered a salami pizza…DSC_1413
And I went for artichokes, mushroom and parma ham with lots of cheesy goodness on crisp baked dough.

A super quick pitstop but it was worth it to see such an icon.