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10 Ways to Have Fabulous Festive Fun with Harrods Christmas Hampers

Nowadays Christmas starts around September and to be honest with you, I love it when shops start stocking decorations, mince pies begin to fill the shelves and heart-warming Christmas adverts are played on TV. One place that I love to visit is Harrods, the store front is all lit up like a Christmas tree, Santa is nestled in his grotto and the most luxurious food and decorations are on sale.DSC_3673
A Harrods Christmas Hamper is the perfect present and The Knightsbridge Hamper contains all those extras that you need to have a perfect Christmas Day. I thought I’d share with you ten ways that the Harrods Hamper will help to make your Christmas even more fabulous.

1. Deck the Halls
The Knightsbridge Hamper contains a gorgeous glass bauble to add serious sparkle to your home and get you into the festive spirit before the big day.

2. A Christmas Breakfast

A strenuous day of present opening and mince pie eating means you need to start the day with a good hearty breakfast. I usually make Mr S something a bit special on Christmas day, a change from our usual healthy bowls of porridge.
Spiced Pear and Madagascan Vanilla Jam certainly fits the bill of something a little different to spread on your toast.

3. Accompany with your favourite caffeinated beverageDSC_3523
I’ll be kicking of Christmas day with Harrods special spiced coffee. I can’t tell you how incredible the aromas were coming from this coffee, it actually smells like spiced chocolate. The hamper also contains spiced black tea if that’s your preference for a morning tipple.

Mr Silver and I have eight nieces and nephews between us (seven on his side and one on mine) so present opening begins early, wrapping paper is ripped off and discarded, excited voices shout as the kids discover what Santa has bought for them this year.

4. Crack open a bottle of bubbly

It’s never too early to start drinking on Christmas day and it is particularly acceptable to crack open a bottle of bubbly before 11am…Harrods-Christmas-Hampers DSC_3634
Especially when it’s Harrods own special vintage.

5. Mistletoe and Wine
Usually the champagne is finished off in…. oooohhh about 30 seconds? So it’s time to crack open the next bottle of wine in the hamper, the Chianti Classico. As the cork screw (most important item in the household on Christmas day) often goes missing, there’s one in the hamper just in case. Glass not included…paracetemol for the next day not included.

6. Turkey Time!! 

Ok so one thing the hamper doesn’t contain is the turkey and the stuffing, you’ll need to buy that separately…DSC_3537
But condiment needs are fulfilled with a Christmas mustard with the Harrod seal of approval.

Now it’s about this time that my dad mysteriously slips off into another room and then Santa himself appears to distribute the final remaining presents!! The kids under five eyes widen and they dance about excitedly where the older kids smile knowingly…

7. Anyone for pudding? 

There’s a choice of desserts in the hamper: Christmas pudding of course.DSC_3655Harrods-Christmas-Hampers DSC_3619
Or Christmas Cake with Harrods sparkling gold insignia on it. Now I’m the Christmas black sheep and I don’t like either of these (I’m more a Yule Log kind of girl). However, my family love both with plenty of brandy butter and the Harrods version is infused with a boozy slug of courvoisier.
And if none of those hit the spot, there’s always a classic mince pie. DSC_3659 DSC_3663
These ones are alcohol-free made with the finest all-butter pastry and filled with mincemeat made from apples, clementines, currants, cranberries and spices.

8. Time for another glass of wine?
Next up a bottle of Rioja.

9. Sweet stuff

If you’re like my family by now you’re probably slumped on the sofa half asleep, though still guarding your glass of red close to your heart. On the coffee table lies chocolates, Turkish delight and biscuits so you can still graze away whilst watching It’s A Wonderful Life, White Christmas and Elf while the children play with their new toys in the back ground…Harrods-Christmas-Hampers
Turkish Delight always makes me think of the evil queen in Narnia…I wonder if hers was Rose and Lemon?Harrods-Christmas-HampersHarrods-Christmas-Hampers
Don’t you just love the look of these chocolates with the gold sparkles and the Harrods print on the them? DSC_3567 DSC_3568
It just makes them seem extra luxurious…
And a biscuit selection perfect with another cup of that spiced coffee…

1o. Somewhere to hide…

And if it just all gets too much for you the box that the Harrods Christmas Hamper comes in is big enough to hide inside…DSC_3640
I can’t wait for Christmas and to tuck into our hamper. Do you have any fun Christmas traditions? Let me know in the comments below.

Check out the full range of luxurious Harrods Christmas Hampers on their website. Delivery is available worldwide.

This post was written in collaboration with Harrods and The Knightsbridge Hamper was gifted to me for the purposes of this blog post.