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An Ode to Breakfast Contrasts

August’s travel link up with Emma, Kelly, Rebecca and their guest host Zoe is all about contrasts whilst travelling. I wanted to talk about food and how restaurant culture varies in other countries but every time I started writing it was sounding boring. Finally, it occurred to me to write about a meal universal in every country, considered the most important meal of the day and loved by nearly everyone I know: breakfast. 

Whenever I go to a new hotel I get very excited to see what will on the buffet or menu, will I try something local and new or will I stick to my favourite? Will we even make it on time or will I have to drag Mr S down as we rescue the final dregs of the buffet as the staff clear up and get ready for lunch time service around us? 

Either way breakfast for me is one of the most important parts of a holiday so I thought I’d write about the contrasting breakfasts that I’d seen and tried in other countries. I’ve *tried* to turn it into an amusing poem so apologies if it make you cringe! 

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there’s a worldwide contrast,
Of how people consume and eat their breakfast.
I’ve even noticed from coast to coast,
There’s a difference of how we butter our toast!


In the USA they like to have something sweet,
Though for me pancakes in the morning is a weird thing to eat.
But, my favourite breakfast to see on the table,
Is sublime deliciousness of a New York Bagel (with smoked salmon, course)…


In France you might get a croissant made of butter,
And with this, I’d have no problem to utter,
A crisp, flaky pastry so fine!
Would actually be great at any time!


An Italian would always started the day with a coffee, just like me!
Yes, I would always choose it over a cup of tea. (Despite being a Brit)
An Aussie would spread vegemite on his toast
Though I’m not sure it’s a taste everyone would love the most…


In Thailand they’re known for the congee,
It’s kind of like rice but a little more spongy.
I’d rather have pineapple, papaya and mangosteen
Delicious fruits so fresh and clean….


We’re famous for the ‘Full English’ over here…
And on every menu it will appear…
A plate of bacon, egg and sausage…
But personally I’d rather stick to my porridge!

Full English at One Aldwych

Oh, how I love a big milky bowl of oats,
It’s what will alway get my votes.
Hot, warming, comforting and filling
A bowl of porridge is truly thrilling


I hope that you’ve enjoyed something a bit silly and random from me and if you’re interested in linking up this month just add a post based around the theme of ‘contrasts’ to the link widget on Emma, Kelly, Rebecca or Zoe’s blog. You can write about something more normal if you like such as East vs West, Man vs Food, beach tanning vs culture vulture, Predator vs Alien, Kramer vs Kramer…or you can take inspiration from the topic and write something random….I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s.