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My Travel Personality

I’ve blogged before about various aspects of my travel personality, so you already know I’m scared of everything, I’ve got a type-A personality and a fear of missing out. All these idiosyncrasies, neuroses and loveable foibles are generally balanced out by laid back and relaxed Mr S.

When the travel link up ladies announced that the topic of this month’s travel link up was ‘What is your travel personality.’ I decided that in true type-A style I would address the question scientifically and logically by using a personality test which I thought you could join be in on.

1. Are you spontaneous or a planner? 

A planner makes a list when going shopping, will read the full instructions before building flat pack furniture, they like everything in order and can’t leave a task unfinished.

A spontaneous person will go with the flow, has no need for lists, can be forgetful and isn’t bothered necessarily about having a set routine.

Regular readers already know that I’m a planner, and how does this manifest itself in travel? Well before I go I’ll build a detailed itinerary on a excel spreadsheet. The initial itinerary will include flight times and landing times, hotels and costing. I’ll later build up the schedule with activities and restaurants bookings plus I even build in ‘relaxation time’ for Mr S. Yes, that’s right even downtime is scheduled and colour coded. Now I’m not a total dictator and I do allow flexibility in my regime, but as long as I know I’ve got the most important things booked I won’t be missing out.

Whilst on the trip my planning head remains firmly on…I hate to be late for any of our bookings and I can’t always chill out and relax. Thank heaven for Mr S bringing a more mellow mood to the Silver family holiday!

Which one are you? Spontaneous or Planner? 

2. Do you rely on facts or ideas? 

Someone that relies on the facts will be a realist, they provide step-by-step instructions for things, they are thorough, practical and value order.

An ideas-focussed person is more imaginative and visionary, instructions may be more vague, they are inventive, creative and maybe more erratic.

Let’s face it most people are a bit of both, I like to keep my spreadsheets because I want order and I don’t like things to go wrong or unexpected scenarios to occur. Before the holiday, when I create my spread sheet I scour trip advisor, other blogs and my favourite travel websites, cross referencing along the way to make sure I book the very best accommodation and restaurants for us. I make sure that we’ll be seeing the classic sights in each location but by asking the hotel concierge and other bloggers I try and find the very best off the beaten track places.

I do like to think I have some creativity and vision too and I’m not wholly practical; especially when it comes to writing but I’ve never been an artistic person when it comes to visuals. Since starting my blog my photography has improved with plenty of practice and learning and I’m finding more and more ways to capture our trips in unique pictures.

Which one are you? Fact or ideas-based

3. Do you think with your head or your heart? 

Someone that thinks with their head is analytical, logical and driven; they are upfront and honest and will face a dispute head on.

A heart-led person is caring, thoughtful and sensitive, tries not to hurt others and attempts to meet everyone’s needs.

Now it’s this trait that leads me away from the totally, practical and logical type. I mean – I do think of Mr S, I schedule his relaxation time don’t I? I try to plan activities that I know he’ll love like sailing or driving excursions. I make sure our foodie trips aren’t alway based around where I want to go but I make sure we’re also visiting hearty steak and barbecue places. Though I draw the line at KFC when we’re on holiday.

The last thing I want is an argument on holiday so part of my careful planning and sometimes negotiating is in making sure both are needs are met and we get the type of holiday that we’ll both enjoy.


I very much think with my heart when we’re away and I have a tendency so fall in love with places…the beaches of Thailand, the stunning scenery in Lake Como and the gorgeous savannah of South Africa. I think I leave a little bit of my heart in each of these places, dreaming of one day returning and my wanderlust never feeling truly fulfilled….

So what leads you? Your head or your heart? 

4. Are you an introvert or an extrovert 

A few other bloggers have written very eloquently on this subject and firstly I want to define the difference between the two personality types. An introvert gets their energy from within and an extrovert gets their energy from other people. It’s not a simple case of one is quiet while the other is life and soul of the party.

So an extrovert does a lot of talking, will think out loud, is very expressive and loves meeting new people.

An introvert will talk less and listen more in a social situation they may stick with people they’ve met before and will usually be more cautious and contained.

I’m definitely an extrovert, I feel lonely and drained if I’m on my own for too long, I’m always talking (perhaps too much) and I love meeting new people. When travelling I love getting talking to people whilst on excursions, at dinner and in our hotels. I can’t tell you the number of randoms lovely new friends I’ve added on Facebook or Instagram who we’ve met whilst on holiday. Admittedly I’ve never properly stayed in touch with them, but I do enjoy having a nose at other people’s holiday pics.

Perhaps my extroversion also manifests itself in my need for activity, Mr S will happily sit by the pool reading a newspaper on his kindle but I always want to do something after sitting for a few hours be it go for lunch, have a walk or go on an adventure….

Which one are you? An introvert or an extrovert? 

The personality test that I used to write this post is one that I found on the BBC website that’s based on the Myers-Briggs Test; you can take a similar test here. According to this test my personality (Planner – Facts – Hearts – Extrovert) means I’m a provider. Reading the description of this personality type really is me in a nutshell: attentive to the feelings of others, loyal, often the hostess, always take the role of organiser (ahem) and are very engaged with their communities. All these qualities also manifest themselves in my travel personality…

I’d love for you to take the test to and let me know how it’s reflected in your travel personality in the comments below!

This post is part of the travel link up with Emma, Kelly, Rebecca and their guest host Catherine. What’s your travel personality and style – has it changed? What happens when you travel with other people? Are you a ‘tourist’ or a ‘traveller’?