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Ellerman House: A Beautiful Hotel in Bantry Bay

‘Welcome to your home for the next two nights’ was the greeting when Mr S and I arrived at the next hotel on our itinerary.

Ellerman House will be your home away from home’ continued Ella, the manager of the hotel. Mr S and I looked at each other with glee… the hotel was absolutely beautiful with quite simply the most incredible view over the Atlantic and towards Robben Island.

Ellerman House is located just ten minutes from the centre of Cape Town in the beautiful Bantry Bay area, a secluded residential area much quieter then the fun but touristy waterfront where we’d stayed on our first night.

The house is a converted Edwardian mansion and there’s loads of gorgeous lounge areas to relax in. Every day the lunch and dinner menu is displayed and if there’s nothing on the menu that you like…

Then you’re welcome to just pop into the kitchen just like you would at home. Though at home you may not get such an amenable greeting when you say that you don’t like the food!

Opposite the kitchen is the guests’ pantry where you’re welcome to pop in and take anything you want…just like the old days of Woolsworth’s pic n’ mix!

There’s daily changing ‘Cake of Day’ (now that really would be amazing to have at home) and guests are welcome to pop to the pantry and just grab a slab whenever they feel their sugar levels dip!

The grounds are simply stunning with perfectly manicured gardens and elegant water features everywhere. Inside there’s a private art collection and original pieces line the walls

Ella led us up to our room which was beautifully spacious with a cosy bed and large sitting area.

I loved the fact that the furniture was so classic and elegant without being at all old-fashioned or overly formal.

And I also loved that there was a fully stocked all inclusive mini bar!! Let’s just say that again ‘fully stocked all inclusive mini bar’ … I think that’s my favourite phrase ever!

The fridge was full of wine and soft drinks, and there were drawers (yes, drawers plural!!) of chocolate and crisps! It was like your mum’s treat drawer that you’re allowed to visit when you’ve been good!

And a lovely large marble bathroom.

But best of all, this was a room with a view…

Quite possibly the best coastal view I’d ever had!

Already in our room was a tray of fruit and juices but Ella offered to bring up coffee and cake on a tea tray too.

That night we headed out to nearby Camps Bay for dinner and returned to a beautifully turned down room with sparkling wine, chocolate-covered strawberries, rose petals on the bed and candles by the bath. Now, I must admit, I do find the whole rose petal turn-down thing a bit cringe worthy but this was done really beautifully and I actually found it very romantic.

The next day, as the setting at Ellerman House was so beautiful and the service was so brilliant, I allowed Mr S a ‘sitting by pool’ / relaxation day.

Breakfast is taken outside so you can gaze on that gorgeous view.

And there’s a beautiful small buffet selection or a choice of hot options.

After his hearty breakfast, Mr S was ready for his ‘sitting by the pool’ time.

Actually we both loved it as the area was so relaxed and calm with plenty of sun spots for Mr S to bake in and shady areas for me to blog in. The waiter service was excellent and they were always around to provide beer / wine / crisps / cake when required.

We had a delicious lunch in the sunshine consisting of an ostrich tartare and parma ham pasta to start.

And perfectly cooked tuna and beef for our main courses.

Total bliss!

In the evening we stayed in the hotel to sample more of the delicious food.

It was a gorgeous night and dinner was served outside with red rose petals scattered across the table.

Dinner was once again beautifully cooked with starters of salt and pepper calamari with avocado and roasted rabbit loin with parma ham. For main we shared a panfried Kingklip and a sumac spiced chicken breast with white beans and chorizo. Although the food at Ellerman house was relatively simple, it was some of the best we had in Cape Town and dining feels so special as it is exclusively for guests only. Manuel, the head sommelier is originally from Chile but he’s passionate about South African wine. He spent a lot of time talking to each guest to find out exactly what they liked and his service felt so personal.

I didn’t fancy anything from the dinner dessert menu so I asked if it was possible to have the chocolate mousse with raspberry sorbet that I’d seen on the lunch menu. Of course this wasn’t a problem at all!

After our dessert Manuel offered us a tour of the wine cellar which houses a collection of over 7000 wines!

At Ellerman House the wine cellar is so much more than a fridge housing all than delicious wine…

It has been designed as a magnificent work of art where you can enjoy wine and champagne to your heart’s content!

Ellerman House have their hospitality down to a fine art form providing luxe accommodation, seamless service and delicious food whilst feeling like you’re in your own home. In fact, I wonder if they have a room for me to live there?

Ellerman House
180 Kloof Road
Bantry Bay
Cape Town
South Africa