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Our Wedding: Part One – The Morning

Finally, the day had arrived. A day I’d not only been planning for the last year and half but one I’d been dreaming of my whole life, especially since I met my soulmate Mr Silver three years ago.
I was incredibly excited to wear my beautiful couture dress by Phillipa Lepley. After ten fittings and weeks of wedding diets and intense exercise, the dress fitted perfectly! I knew the dress would be one of the most important parts of the wedding to me so I visited countless boutiques and tried on around sixty dresses until I found the absolute perfect one. I loved my dress! My favourite thing about it was the unique stripy belt detail which I felt made it look classic yet modern. As our wedding ceremony would be taking place in a synagogue I also had gorgeous lace shrug to cover my shoulders.



For my shoes, there could only be one designer. My favourite: Christian Louboutin! Again I wanted simple and elegant shoes and these were exactly what I wanted. I’d gone for reasonably high heels, being a midget I didn’t want the whole wedding party towering above me…although they still did!!


For my little clutch bag I had a beautiful piece custom made by Anya Hindmarch. As you can see it had my initials on the front which would remain the same from my maiden name to my married name. On the inside of the clutch my wedding date 18th May 2014, was inscribed. The gorgeous mini bag was also the perfect something blue!
As I don’t usually wear much jewellery, I chose some simple and elegant earrings by Andrew Prince, which framed my face exactly. The bracelet was my something borrowed as my mum was kind enough to lend it to me.
I also chose an elegant but glittery hair slide also by Andrew Prince. As I looked around excitedly at all the beautiful things I would be wearing that day I thought to myself, today is the day I become Mrs Silver, the last time I wake up as a single girl!!
Fortunately, I didn’t have time to fret as my parents soon arrived at my suite in the Dorchester, followed swiftly by the bridesmaids, so that we could enjoy a relaxed breakfast before the madness began. Soon my wonderful hairdresser, Sarah from Daniel Hersheson arrived and she set about giving the bridesmaid some beautiful hairstyles.
The girls had matching hairstyles that were all slightly varied to their unique face shape. My gorgeous best friend Anna’s tresses were adorned by this beautiful hair comb from Olivier Laudus. I was so pleased that the girl’s liked their hairstyles, I really wanted them to feel beautiful on the day too.
My fabulous make up artist arrived at the same time as the hairdresser. By coincidence, her name was Kate Silver and she had also had her wedding reception at the Dorchester. We’d chosen similar honeymoons too! I was clearly fated to have my name twin to do my makeup on my special day! My sister, is the one in the pictures, she was second to have her make up done and Sarah had already created the perfect hair style for her!
It was all coming together and the girls were looking beautiful. My best friend from university, Lauren was next up to receive the VIP treatment by skilled make up artist, Kate.
And Gemma, my lovely school friend got the touch from Kate’s magic brushes.


And finally, the bride goes last. I’d had a hair trial with Sarah earlier in the year and I was very excited to have a simple waterfall plait styled into my hair. I loved my hair so much I actually shed a tear…I know crying over your hair is pretty sad!!


Fortunately, I hadn’t had my make up done yet and Kate set about making me look pretty ;). I’d also had a trial with Kate earlier in the year, I think make up is such a personal thing and getting to know her better meant that she found out exactly how I like it. Basically, I wanted to look the same but better!!
While the girls were in my room having their hair and make up done, my mum, Susan SilverSpoon was downstairs in the spa. Here’s what my dad was doing…
I think all the girlie stuff was just getting too much for him.
And what was Mr S getting up to all this time?
He was back at our flat with his dad, brothers and groomsmen, also making themselves look pretty.



Here’s Mr S with his dad and one of his older brothers.
We’d both got our friends and siblings gifts and Mr S handed out silver Tiffany cufflinks to the men…
While it was silver Tiffany bangles for the girls.


Mr Silver and I also got each other presents…he’d bought me a bottle of Cristal champagne…and I’d bought him a bottle of Cristal champagne….I told you we were soulmates!!
As I knew he’d be panicking, I also left him an emergency kit under his pillow:
It included socks (in case he got cold feet), a groom chocolate lolly, a personalised bottle of champagne, breath mints, cake forks and…


Personalised cufflinks.
Back at The Dorchester it was time for a light lunch.
By now the butterflies were really stirring inside and I had to have my comfort food, smoked salmon bagels. For some reason ever since childhood this simple meal has been my favourite thing, and one I could easily have for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I knew I would struggle to eat anything else. It’s actually customary for a Jewish Bride and and Groom to fast on the day of the wedding but I knew I’d feel faint if I didn’t eat anything.
By now it was around 12.30 and it was getting close to the time I’d need to get dressed so that we’d have time for some photos before leaving for the synagogue. But Anna, Lauren and I couldn’t resist popping down to the ballroom to see how preparations were going.
And this was my reaction when I saw the beautiful room. I’ll show you a little more later, but we took a moment to pose at the bar and take it all in.
And this was the moment I saw my beautiful dream cake created by Peggy Porschen
Look at the excitement in our eyes, it was so fabulous!! But I’m going to keep that a surprise for later. To see the room all coming together was a little over-whelming but it really was incredible to see the culmination of all the planning I’d been going through over the last year and a half. Planning a wedding, especially one on such a large scale, really does take some blood, sweat and tears!
Speaking of which…the time had come to put on THE dress! The most special, most important, most beautiful (and expensive) perfect white dress, that I’d only ever wear once! Anna had come along to my final fitting and had been ‘taught’ how to get me into the dress and she had Lauren by her side to help out.


It definitely took two…though I’m petite the dress weighted a ton!

And I took a deep breath as they laced me into my corset…


Time was pressing on so the girls donned their bridesmaid’s dresses which came complete with a beautiful silk ribbon, both purchased from gorgeous bridal boutique, Luella’s Boudoir.

I also had our nieces and nephews as flower girls and page boy’s all in adorable little outfits from Nicki MacFarlane. The above photo depicts Mr Silver’s older nephew and nieces Jayden, Amber, Tamsin and Emily. His younger nieces, three-year-old twins Katy and Mia along with my nephew Charlie came along after the ceremony.


Back at home, Mr Silver was getting ready to leave.



My parents don’t love photos of themselves, but I insist on one or two! They collected me from the room and we headed downstairs to the car. Eeeek…. It was really happening…


As I walked through the foyer, everyone stopped to stare at me. Usually I’d feel self-conscious but this was my moment to shine!

I was taking the main car with my parents, the bridesmaids were together and Mr Silver’s mum was in the final car with Mr S’s sister, Olivia. I had also asked Olivia to be the bridesmaid but when she fell pregnant we made a mutual decision that it would be too difficult for her to be a bridesmaid at eight months pregnant, especially was she lives in another country.


It took several people to lift up my huge train and veil and help me into the car before my parents climbed in with me.



But finally I was in… and our wonderful white Rolls Royce headed down the road, the short distance to the synagogue….

Next week: The ceremony!

How did you feel the morning of your wedding? I’d love to read some of your stories, just fill out the comments form below!