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Adventures in Australia – An introduction

2012 was the year I turned 30 and I wanted to achieve a long-held travel ambition. To go the other side of the world and see Australia! Having never had the gap year experience that many of my friends had had I wanted to do it now and to have an extended period of time in the country I’d always longed to visit. But this wouldn’t be backpacking, or even flashpacking. I coined a new term to describe it and that was ‘suitcasing.’

With such a vast area to see we decided to not be over-amibitious but to limit ourselves to the East Coast of Australia and to stick to the ‘classic’ itinerary in order to experience some of the best sights Australia has to offer.
Our journey would be follows: 

1. A Stop over in Hong Kong

2. Melbourne
3. Sydney
4. The Blue Mountains
5. Ayers Rock
6. The Great Barrier Reef
7. The Whitsundays and Hamilton Island
8. Back for Christmas in Sydney
The trip was to take 5 weeks in total, and would encompass a highly diverse mix of experiences. It was a trip that would change my life forever (ooooohhhhhh ominous!) 
So as Mr Silver and I climbed into our business class seats, glass of champagne firmly in hand, we said ‘goodbye’ to London.
Our Australian adventures took place November – December 2012.
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