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BlogSpeak at Brown’s Hotel and the Travel Link Up Tea

Last year Kelly, Rebecca and Emma, a fantastic trio of Kiwi ladies, started a travel link up. In January 2014, twenty people joined the link up with blogs about their fabulous travel plans for the year ahead. In August, I cottoned on to this awesome idea and joined in to write about my favourite Staycations,… Read more »

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Colette’s at The Grove

The Grove Hotel in Watford is a real favourite for both mine and Mr S’s family. It’s in very easy reach of our respective parents’ homes and is often the hotel of choice for a family Sunday lunch or a relaxed dinner. I’ve blogged about The Grove before as Mr S and I attended a… Read more »

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A Friendly Farewell at M Raw

My lovely friends really mean the world to me. There’s some I’ve known since I was five-years old and we’ve stayed close throughout the years; others I’ve met in much more recent times but I’ve developed an unbreakable bond with. My friend Traze is the latter… We met less than four years ago whilst on… Read more »

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Cleansing at Tanya’s Cafe

Healthy eating has always been important to me; as the saying goes ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ and a happy SilverSpoon! So with all my recent meals out, Christmas, parties and events a few days of detox was certainly welcome! Steph from Being Blonde It’s a Lifestyle, definitely seems like my type of person…someone that grabs… Read more »

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The Unexpected Benefits of Blogging

There are are so many wonderful benefits to blogging and in this month’s Travel Link Up with Emma, Rebecca, Kelly and Sara, we’ve asked what have been the most unexpected of those advantages. Well meeting new people, having a creative outlet and trying unusual things are just obvs, so I thought I’d come with a… Read more »

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The SilverSpoon Guide to London Date Nights: A Night at the Movies

Mr S and I really love a cinema date; I’ve mentioned before that my film of choice will always be chick-flick or a rom-com whereas Mr S prefers action, adventure and hard-hitting political drama… Well…I don’t know about you but I would definitely prefer to laugh my way through a film! Fortunately, we’ve found some… Read more »

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Soho Lunch Club: Rollin’ at the House of Ho

When food bloggers meet, then venue always has to be carefully selected. Forget where’s convenient… the more important questions to ask are will the food look pretty and is there good lighting? When Aftab and I decided we would meet for lunch we took all those important considerations into hand and settled on Vietnamese restaurant,… Read more »

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The SilverSpoon Guide to London Date Nights: Top 5 Luxury Hotel Restaurants

I love combining my addiction to nice hotels with my love of fine dining. I can’t think of a better special date then heading to a fabulous hotel bar, enjoying a cocktail and then having a lovely romantic meal in the gorgeous dining room of a fabulous hotel. There some hotels in London that literally… Read more »

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Umai Saturdays at Sake No Hana

The Hakkasan restaurant group just get everything right…the food, service and atmosphere are always spot on in any of their restaurants. I’ve eaten in Hakkasan in London, New York and Vegas…and they’ve all been consistently fantastic experiences. Japanese restaurant, Sake No Hana in Mayfair, is also owned by the Hakkasan group, and when I was… Read more »

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How Travel has Made me Face my Fears

There are a few changes to SilverSpoon afoot… Getting Personal… I think as bloggers, we’re constantly rethinking our blogs…how do you want it to be and where do you want it to go. Recently I was taking a look at SilverSpoon and rethinking a few things. I never wanted it to be a blog that… Read more »