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How I fell in Love with Lake Como

Ask me the two greatest loves in my life (Mr S, family and friends aside), and the answer is food and travel. Why else would a start a blog dedicated to these passions? And when Emma, Kelly, Rebecca and Kat announced that the topic of this month’s travel link up was ‘Falling in Love on… Read more »

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Pont St: Zomato Bloggers come to SW1

I’ve recently been filling you in on some great restaurants in my local area of SW1. We’ve had: Peruvian / Japanese fusion at UNI Food heaven at Salmontini A sumptuous roast at No.11 Pimlico Road Innovative Tapas at Ametsa A slightly disappointing fine dining experience at Petrus  And some very fine fish at Oliviomare So… Read more »

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Meet the Flatmates at The Little Yellow Door

Flat shares make me think of university…after I graduated from Warwick University I headed up to Leeds for a year to do a Masters. It was pretty scary, I knew very few people and was living in a city that I’d barely ever visited.  That said I embarked on a house share with six total… Read more »

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The Autumn Quintessentially Wedding Atelier – The Ultimate in Luxury Wedding Brands

When Mr Silver and I got married on the 18th of May it was the happiest day of my life… The day was just truly amazing and everything was perfect…   …but to be honest it was also a relief…all the planning was finally over, everything was checked off our to do list and we… Read more »

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Practically Perfect Food at Picture

Ok, I’m not going to lie…we all know I like a glamorous restaurant. Somewhere with fabulous views like City Social, clubby decor like STK or a sexy interior like Hakkasan. But, actually the most important thing to me is always the food. Mr Silver will attest to the fact that my moaning is absolutely endless… Read more »

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The Art of Hospitality: Evoluzione at the Hotel Xenia

In my first year of university studying English literature, I was fortunate enough to read the ancient epic poetry of Homer; while I’m proud to say I read these lengthy tomes, I can certainly say it wasn’t easy. But I took away two important lessons: 1. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. 2. The importance of… Read more »

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Dining at Altitude: SushiSamba

There are three elements that a restaurant needs to become one of my very favourites: 1. A lively and buzzy atmosphere. 2. A room with a view. 3. Really, really good sushi. There is one restaurant in London that fits my criteria perfectly: SushiSamba. Actually Aqua Kyoto does too but the view isn’t quite so… Read more »

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The SilverSpoon Guide to Las Vegas!!!

Where can you go to Paris, Rome, Venice and New York all in one day?Vegas, of course!! While the City of Sin may not be for everyone, Mr S and I love the opportunity for partying, fun, shopping and eating lots of food. And gambling? Well we’ll have a flutter, but neither of us are… Read more »

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The Gourmet Odyssey: Clove Club, Merchants Tavern and 8 Hoxton Square

Every foodie has a bucket list; that is an ever growing list of restaurants to visit in London or around the world. My current list has thirty-five restaurants on it…plus I have a separate list of the Michelin star restaurants that I visited years ago and want to revisit for my blog. Sadly with limitations… Read more »

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A Nostalgic Return to Villandry

Back when Amelia, Alisha and I worked together in Chiswick our favourite restaurant to visit for lunch or for a bottle of wine after work was Villandry. Our chosen branch in Chiswick has now closed…sad face…but a new Villandry has opened in St James! Yay!! And with a voucher from Zomato burning a hole in… Read more »