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Healthy Fare at Ceru

In the past couple of weeks I’d been eating out a lot…I mean more than usual and I was really starting to feel it. That sluggish feeling of too many carbs, sugar overload and just all those cocktails… So when new pop-up restaurant, Ceru contacted me to try their food I went straight to check… Read more »

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Knocking on the Little Yellow Door

Fancy going to a decadent house party held at the flat of five complete strangers?  Well that’s exactly what I did the other night.  You may remember back in October I went to the launch party of Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill, it’s basically a pop-up bar / restaurant themed around a flat-share. The… Read more »

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SilverSpoon Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple: Two Classic New York Restaurants, Balthazar and ABC Kitchen

The New York restaurant scene is constantly changing with places opening and closing all the time; but as in London, there are some places that will always endure. Several of my friends had recommended that we try Balthazar and as we didn’t have a chance to visit on our last trip to NYC, I was… Read more »

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A Family Affair at Acciuga

Where I live in Westminster, you’re never more than 5 minutes from a Pret a Manger, there’s at least two Pizza Express’, a Zizzi’s, a Nando’s (Mr S’s favourite) and a Wagamama. Argghhh…won’t someone help me break free from these chains… Ok, admittedly I regularly pop in to Pret for a porridge and coffee and… Read more »

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A Luxurious Stay at the Belgraves Hotel

Mr Silver has a lot of patience really…my addiction to luxury and boutique hotels can take over our lives a bit. When we’re on holiday I’m always keen to check out all the other hotels in the surrounding area. Try a breakfast in a different one…a cocktail in the bar….I’d certainly have a nose around… Read more »

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Photography Fun at Goode & Wright

One of my key blogging resolutions for the year was to dramatically improve the photography on SilverSpoon London. I always admire my fellow bloggers’ beautiful and artistic photography and I really hope to emulate some of their skills one day. For example, Miho has a fantastic eye for detail, Jasiminne uses light so creatively and Amanda’s… Read more »

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Laurent-Perrier Champagne Tasting Flight at Kettner’s

Do you have a particular food or drink that brings back some of your best memories? Laurent-Perrier champagne will always be incredibly special to me because it was the beautiful golden bubbly that we served at own wedding. Now often when we have a special celebration moment Mr S and I will pop down to… Read more »

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SilverSpoon Takes A Bite Out of the Big Apple: Three Star Dining at Le Bernadin

When I visited New York back in the summer, I was very keen to dine at three Michelin starred restaurant, Le Bernadin. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a booking and instead we visited another three star restaurant, Jean Georges, where we had a rather mixed experience. This time I was leaving nothing to chance and just… Read more »

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A Luxurious Lunch at The Mondrian Hotel

Over the past year I’ve been learning a new language…it’s called BlogSpeak and I’m becoming quite fluent… When I bang on about Instagram, Twitter, google analytics and blogging schedules, my friends tend to look at me a little blankly…While most of them use Facebook, other forms of social media are basically a foreign language. I’m… Read more »

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Shopping the Sales and Afternoon Tea at Harrods

Ahhh…those January sales (which rather confusingly no longer start in January) love them or hate them, they’ve got to be done. I mean, what if you missed out on a total bargain because you couldn’t be bothered to brave the scrum? Perhaps, by total coincidence the shoe gods had decided to reduce the Louboutins or… Read more »