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Fancy French Dining At Boulestin

Though SilverSpoon London is first and foremost a food blog, my focus is nearly alway restaurants and dining out… unlike my other lifestyle blogging buddies, a never include recipes or cookery among my posts. My friends may find this a little odd as I’ve always loved cooking for other people and entertaining in my flat… Read more »

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The Magazine Restaurant at the Serpentine Gallery

I think I may have been overdoing it on the blogging recently, but I just came back from a lovely restaurant that I really wanted to tell you about. Plus, it’s very exciting to be able to concentrate on doing more blogging rather than thinking of weddings, diets and everything else! The Magazine at the… Read more »

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Fast cars and sparkly diamonds at Salon Prive

When I started SilverSpoon London I knew wanted it to be all about luxury: fast cars, sparkling diamonds, lobster and champagne! So when BMW invited me to an event that encompassed all these things I knew there was no need to think twice… The British Super Car show at Salon Prive is a unique event… Read more »

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UNI: Rather special sushi in Belgravia

Mr Silver and I count ourselves are very lucky to live in central London, so when we fancy a last minute dinner we can simply walk out from our flat to many different wonderful restaurants. Dining Victoria and Belgravia has really improved in recent years and now it’s so much more than just Pizza Express… Read more »

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The Grove Hotel and a Wedding in Watford

I grew up in the small leafy town of Amersham in Buckinghamshire and went to school in the even smaller the neighbouring town of Chesham. While growing up in the country was pretty calm and idyllic, as a teenager I got very bored of the same pubs, the cheesy clubs (Stages, or Winkers if you… Read more »

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Afternoon Tea at Fortnum and Mason

Beautiful is not an adjective that I tend to use to describe a department store, but when I walked into Fortnum and Mason I felt quite literally like a kid in a candy store… The ground floor is not only full of confectionery, coffee and cake but everything comes in such pretty jars and containers…. Read more »

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A Room With A View: Man Made vs Natural

In the classic novel, A Room with a View by EM Forster, the heroine Lucy Honeychurch bemoans her poor view from her room in Florence, all she can see is the courtyard rather than the beautiful Arno River. When she finally swaps rooms she is totally delighted to have the view that she has been… Read more »

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SilverSpoon on Honeymoon: Le Taha’a – The Vanilla Island

The island of Le Taha’a is shaped like a flower and the fragrant scent of vanilla drifts gently through the breeze, can you imagine a more heavenly paradise? Our hotel, Le Taha’a Island Resort and Spa, is one of the only places to stay on the island and because of this, honeymooners can find themselves… Read more »

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Talking weddings and blogs at Caravan King’s Cross

I never really wrote about my religion before blogging about my wedding. I think religion can be a sensitive subject for many and not a topic for a light-hearted food and travel blog! But I was overwhelmed with the great response to my wedding blog, particularly how much everyone enjoyed reading about the traditions of… Read more »

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Soho Lunch Club – Dean Street Townhouse

Back in February I started Soho Lunch Club; the intention was a regular monthly feature on my blog where I visit a reasonably priced Soho eatery for lunch at the weekend. With my wedding and honeymoon, ‘getting in the way’ the feature some what petered out in May. But when myself, Melanie from Sunny in… Read more »