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The Ten Commandments of Travel Blogging

We always see those oh-so-perfect colour co-ordinated Instagram feeds, the life of a travel blogger always seems so ideal. But things can sometimes go so horribly wrong…follow my ten commandments of travel blogging to avoid sticky situations… 1. Thou Shall Not Work with Animals or Children… And if you do, never get in the way of… Read more »

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January Journeys on Instagram

I thought January would be a quiet month but an exciting invitation to Mexico meant that it was suddenly filled with excitement and opportunities! But let’s start from the beginning… Happy New Year!! A photo posted by Angie Silver (@angiesilverspoon) on Jan 1, 2017 at 5:45am PST The year kicked off with a bang as… Read more »

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Culinary Elegance at Konstantin Filippou, Vienna

It’s always hard for me whittle down my restaurant choices when deciding where I want to go, so a good recommendation is much welcomed. A fellow food writer told me that Michelin-starred Konstantin Filippou in Vienna was quite simply the best restaurant he’d tried in a long time so it didn’t take much persuading to include… Read more »

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Fourteen Luxurious Things to Do in Vienna For Food Lovers

In my short time in Vienna, I tried to experience as much of the food culture as I could, from visiting the coffee shops, to the trendy places and high end dining…and of course the wine! Here are my fourteen luxurious things to do in Vienna for food lovers. 1. Coffee and Cake at Café… Read more »

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Steirereck: The Best Restaurant in Austria

During my restaurant research one name came up time and time again as being the very best restaurant in Vienna. Ranked number nine in The World’s 50 Best Restaurant List, two Michelin star Steirereck was not only the best in the country but one of the best in the world. Arriving at the restarant’s location… Read more »

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Coffee Culture and Cocktails at Hotel Imperial Vienna

In his 1888 guide ‘A Holiday Tour in Austria’ H Pelham Stoke wrotes ‘The best hotels in Vienna are the Grand Hotel and the Hotel Imperial. The best hotel for dining is the Imperial hotel.’ A standard of excellence that has stuck with the hotel for the next century with every meal abiding by the… Read more »

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A Palatial Stay at Hotel Imperial Vienna, Austria

Stepping into Hotel Imperial Vienna feels like taking a portal into the past…a past filled with glamorous royalty, glorious balls and brilliant musicians. And it’s no wonder you get that feeling, Hotel Imperial started life in 1863 as a palace built for the Prince of Württemberg and his wife. Only 10 years later it was transformed… Read more »

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My Three Year Blogiversary and WIN a Stay at Coworth Park

Today marks three years since I started my blog and I could not be prouder of how much it’s grown. Opening an account on blogger and writing up some of my favourite travel tales was one of the best things that I ever did; what started as a hobby, writing for myself soon grown so… Read more »

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A Well-Travelled Dress

Once upon time there was a dress. A blue and white sun dress to be exact. The dress spent most of her days languishing in a drawer and dreaming of adventure in foreign lands…. Fortunately the dress was owned by a rather intrepid blogger called Angie SilverSpoon…One day Angie took the dress from the drawer… Read more »

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Top Ten Best Restaurants in Bali

The fine dining scene in Bali is incredibly diverse with everything from traditional Indonesian food made with the best local ingredients, to high-end Modern European food from talented chefs. Here are my top ten best restaurants in Bali for food, setting and atmosphere. 1. Mozaic Restaurant, Ubud  Mozaic Restaurant has been trail-blazing the fine-dining scene… Read more »