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10 Reasons Why I Love Hotels

It may seem a little superficial but luxury hotels have been a lifelong passion for me. Browsing hotels websites, reading Conde Nast traveller and Lonely Planet is a feast for my eyes and I’m always planning where I’d like to stay next. I’ve even got a bucket list which I’ll be telling you about every… Read more »

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August Adventures: Monthly Round Up

Life  Lately: It’s wedding season! My cousin got married over the bank holiday weekend and it was a great opportunity to get everyone together and catch up with the whole family. Perfect day for a wedding! My cousin is getting married and I’m super excited to celebrate! A post shared by Angie Silver (@angiesilverspoon) on… Read more »

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Top Ten Things to Do on Petit St. Vincent Private Island

Petit St. Vincent Private Island; a perfect slice of paradise just south of St. Vincent in the Grenadine Islands. You may think what is there to do when deserted Robinson Crusoe-like on a private island with just 22 luxury cottages and no WIFI? Well trust me you definitely won’t get bored…here’s my top ten things… Read more »

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A Journey Through British Summertime Afternoon Tea at Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane

The Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane needs little introduction on this blog. You already know it’s one of my favourite hotels and as such was the perfect location to celebrate the birthday of one my best blogging girls. Laura and I took a seat in the cosy Amaranto Lounge and settled down with… Read more »

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Facing my Fears in Iceland: Hiking Drangey Island

Facing my fears through travel has become a running theme on this blog, but one phobia has reared it’s head a fair few times and that’s my fear of heights. I’ve had to face it several times before getting into small planes, being in precarious situations and ascending Table Mountain on our trip to South… Read more »

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What to Do in Iceland: Deplar Farm for the Unadventurous Adventurer

When Chad Pike, owner of Eleven Experience, established Deplar Farm in the Troll Peninsula in Iceland, he had in mind people who loved next-level adventure and in particular lovers of fishing and skiing. So we’ve established before on this blog that I’m scared of everything, not exactly an outdoorsy person, I’ve never been skiing and… Read more »

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A Home-Away-From-Home: Deplar Farm, Iceland

With huge volcanic rock formations, stark landscapes and snow capped mountains, Iceland really does feel like another planet. Trees are few and far between, rivers rush through the lands, waterfalls cascade everywhere. It’s the land of fire and ice where elves exist, the population of people is just 320,000 and volcanoes erupt every four years…. Read more »

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The Midnight Sun and a stay at 101 Hotel Reykjavik, Iceland

After our bucket list worthy dip in the Blue Lagoon Iceland, Mr S and I jumped in a cab for the forty drive to the capital city of Reykjavik. We left the lagoon at around 9.30 but it was still light outside owing to the ‘Midnight Sun’. The natural phenomenon occurs in the summer months in… Read more »

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The Luxury Experience at The Blue Lagoon Iceland

The thing I love most about travel is when dreams really do come true! Iceland is a country I’d been wanting to visit for years and after lots of research on the perfect places to go I finally booked my dream trip to Iceland. One particular item that I was keen to tick off my… Read more »

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All Aboard Beauty: Setting Sail at Petit St. Vincent Private Island

Her name was Beauty and she would be our ride for the day… A 49 foot sailing sloop equipped with everything that we needed for a day riding the ocean wave and navigating the islands and reefs surrounding Petit St. Vincent Private Island… It was our first day at Petit St. Vincent and after an… Read more »