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January Joy: Monthly Round Up

Life Lately: January, it’s the longest month for those trying to keep resolutions, sticking to diets and spending bans – but it also brings hope for an exciting year ahead with lots of planning and new adventures on the horizon! Restaurants: Though I’ve avoided Dry January and Veganuary, I’ve still attempted to be a little bit… Read more »

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A Winter Wonderland at The Storfjord Hotel, Norway

High on a hill in Glomset, Norway lies a little log cabin with hand crafted wooden walls and a traditional Norwegian turf roof. Storfjord Hotel is like something out of Scandinavian fairy tale… But you won’t find any trolls here (I mean the Scandinavian folklore kind, not the Internet kind) instead you’ll encounter a beautiful… Read more »

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How The Thief Hotel in Oslo Stole my Heart

With a fantastic location and a gorgeous view of the Oslo Fjords, it’s no wonder that The Thief is not only one of the best hotels in Norway but Harper’s Bazaar recently chose the property as one of the 100 greatest hotels in the world and it made the Condé Nast Traveller Gold list in… Read more »

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Top 12 Things to Do in Budapest

Visiting Budapest was a serious dream come true for me and it really lived up to all expectations. Here are my top twelve things to do in the capital of Hungary. 1. Castle Hill and Fisherman’s Bastion  The Castle District on top of Castle Hill is one of the most important places to see in… Read more »

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Happy 4th Birthday to My Blog and WIN £300 to spend at Net-a-Porter

On the 22nd of January 2014, I started my blog SilverSpoon London with little knowledge of the blogging community and the possibilities that writing a blog could open. Four years later I’m still very much in love with my little space on the internet which remains a creative outlet for me to write about things… Read more »

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Early Valentine’s Day at Corinthia Hotel London

I’m a strong believer that couples should have multiple honeymoons per year, so why not multiple Valentine’s Days too? It’s not everyone’s favourite day of the year but personally I love an excuse to buy Mr S a cute card, prepare him some heart shaped toast and head out for a romantic dinner. After seeing… Read more »

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Five Restaurants for Fine Dining in Budapest

Previously eclipsed by more gastronomic capital cities, Budapest is now emerging as a fine dining destination. With four Michelin-starred restaurants, Hungary’s first city has become a top place in Central Europe for great food and fantastic service. Here’s a selection of the best restaurants that we tried: 1. Onyx Restaurant The second restaurant in Budapest… Read more »

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A Trip Home and Lunch at Hawkyns by Atul Kochhar at The Crown Inn, Old Amersham

Isn’t there something so wonderfully nostalgic about returning home? Getting on the train you always used to get, passing by where you went to school, your favourite restaurant as a kid, and that old pub that you always used to go to on Friday night? Well that’s exactly how I feel when I go to… Read more »

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Post-Christmas in the Cotswolds at Calcot Manor

The best thing about blogging is that you meet people on line and soon these virtual strangers become close friends who you communicate with at least once a day through the medium of What’s App. Which is why when Polly asked us to come up to the Cotswolds for lunch on the 2nd of January… Read more »

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Five Ways to Relinquish Control when you’re a Controlling Travel Planner

It’s been well documented on this blog that I have a type A personality meaning I’m highly organised, an over-planner, meticulous with sticking to deadlines, always punctual but often highly stressed. Mr Silver is the relaxed, laid back and patient type B counterpart to my overly controlling personality. Generally this means we complement each other… Read more »