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The Artichoke in Old Amersham: Home is where the Heart Is

About thirty miles north of London, over the hills and far away…right at the end of the Metropolitan line…lies the sleepy little town of Amersham… London has one of the most exciting and fantastic restaurant’s scenes in Europe but my heart lies in Amersham because it is where I can really call home. I was… Read more »

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Macarons, cocktails and bloggers at Anges de Sucre

Despite how it may appear, I don’t actually have a sweet tooth, I’ll always choose a starter over a dessert, at afternoon tea I’ll reach for the sandwiches rather than the cake and I can always say no to chocolate… But there’s one sweet treat that I just love! And that is a macaron (I… Read more »

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SilverSpoon on Minimoon: Florence Part 4 – Dinner at Il Palagio at the Four Seasons

I have many mottos when it comes to luxury travel. One of them being: ‘You can’t go wrong with the Four Seasons.’ And when it’s Michelin-starred dining in one of the romantic cities in the world, you definitely can’t go wrong. With that in mind I booked Il Palagio at the Four Seasons for our… Read more »

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SilverSpoon on Minimoon: Florence Part 3 – A Spot of Culture

Having never been to Florence, and with my A-Level history a distant memory, we asked the hotel to arrange a guided tour around the main city. Starting with a discovery of my spiritual home… Ok, seriously, Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance and is choc-a-bloc with culture, monuments, art and artefacts. Our wonderful guide,… Read more »

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SilverSpoon on Minimoon: Florence Part 2 – Around Il Salviatino and Enocteca Pinchiorri

Morning broke and we woke up in our exquisite bedroom in Il Salviatino. It was our first chance to get a really good night sleep as the last few days had bought wedding nerves, early mornings and rushed starts. Finally feeling refreshed we rose to take another look around the glorious villa. The villa is… Read more »

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SilverSpoon on Minimoon: Florence Part 1 – Il Salviatino

Mr Silver and I had decided to take our honeymoon a couple of weeks after the wedding. I had a very good friend’s wedding two weeks later, plus it gave us a chance to sort out all post-wedding admin. ‘But you must go on a minimoon’ my mum insisted! And it turns out she was… Read more »

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I’m Getting Married in the Morning: The Night Before the Wedding

It’s a very strange feeling the day before your wedding. That feeling of knowing everything will change but also remain the same…if you know what I mean… Mr Silver and I have been together for three and half years and lived together for two. So would actually getting married make any difference to our lives… Read more »

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The SilverSpoon Guide to London Date Nights: Top 5 for Total Luxury

When I first started dating Mr Silver, he recognised that I was a lady of discerning tastes, a food lover and a champagne quaffer. He treated me like a princess and took me to top London restaurants, fabulous bars and cool gastropubs… he clearly knew how to impress me… It was only later that I… Read more »

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Guide to Be and Win a Luxury Minimoon

When you first get engaged there’s always such a flurry of excitement, champagne drinking, present receiving and, most of all, dreaming of your perfect day… When Mr Silver proposed it was one of the best days of my life but reality set in when we started the planning process. I’d planned many events before but… Read more »

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Delicious Dim Sum at Hakkasan Mayfair

A favourite restaurant is like a good friend. Sometimes you don’t see each other that often but when you do you know it’ll be lovely, exciting and just as familiar as ever.Hakkasan has long been one of my favourite restaurants in London and when my foodie friend Theresa came to town I was keen for… Read more »