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SilverSpoon on Honeymoon: Dining at Jean Georges

Most of the restaurants and bars that we visited in New York were cool, trendy, young and fun but we also wanted to try some of the really special, high-end dining that New York had to offer. Le Bernadin was top of my list, as it’s considered the best restaurant in the USA and, indeed,… Read more »

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Tiki Chic at Trader Vic’s

So the excitement of the wedding was over, the fun of the minimoon was at an end and me and Mr S returned to London, cold weather and pouring rain. But fortunately we had our honeymoon to look forward to! And the part we were most excited about was our week in French Polynesia, which… Read more »

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The Artichoke in Old Amersham: Home is where the Heart Is

About thirty miles north of London, over the hills and far away…right at the end of the Metropolitan line…lies the sleepy little town of Amersham… London has one of the most exciting and fantastic restaurant’s scenes in Europe but my heart lies in Amersham because it is where I can really call home. I was… Read more »

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The SilverSpoon Guide to London Date Nights: Top 5 for Total Luxury

When I first started dating Mr Silver, he recognised that I was a lady of discerning tastes, a food lover and a champagne quaffer. He treated me like a princess and took me to top London restaurants, fabulous bars and cool gastropubs… he clearly knew how to impress me… It was only later that I… Read more »

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Delicious Dim Sum at Hakkasan Mayfair

A favourite restaurant is like a good friend. Sometimes you don’t see each other that often but when you do you know it’ll be lovely, exciting and just as familiar as ever.Hakkasan has long been one of my favourite restaurants in London and when my foodie friend Theresa came to town I was keen for… Read more »

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Best friends birthday fun – Drinks at 28 – 50 and dinner at Pollen Street Social

Everyone has a soulmate friend, your bestie that you will be with you for your whole life. Anna is my soulmate friend. We met at school when we five years old, back when I was a mere tiny teaspoon… And went on to secondary school together. Our paths diverged when we went to different universities…. Read more »

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‘Edible Garden’ Afternoon Tea at the Intercontinental Westminster

May has to be my favourite month of the year. The cold drizzly weather starts to fade, beautiful blossoms appear on the trees, and a glass of rose finds it way into my hand. It’s also the perfect month to get married (!) not to hot or too cold, great food is in season and… Read more »

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A Made in Chelsea lunch at Bluebird

Sometimes Mr Silver and I fight for the remote control…he wants to watch the football, the rugby or Question Time, whereas I want America’s Next Top Model, Real Housewives or Big Brother… but there’s one program that we both love… Made in Chelsea! Actually I admit I have a total weakness for reality TV both… Read more »

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Win Dinner for Two at Cantina del Ponte

Mr Silver and I love Italy; the fantastic culture, the beautiful views, amazing shopping and, of course food!! Every trip to Italy must include the vital 3 P’s: Pasta, pizza and prosecco… Mr S and I are off to Italy on a minimoon directly after our wedding and to celebrate I’ve teamed up with The… Read more »

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A night at Mr Cooper’s House and Garden in Manchester

Our trip up to Manchester was a chance to get away from all the stresses and pressures of wedding planning and the opportunity just to spend some time together. We wanted to choose a really fabulous restaurant for a date night on Friday before we met up with our friends for the christening on Saturday…. Read more »