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Autumn Days at The Pig At Bridge Place

Not travelling for six months was something I never envisioned at the beginning of 2020. I don’t think any of us thought this would be the world that we were living in when we celebrated this new decade back in January. When I first hear about Coronavirus, travel was the last thing on my mind… Read more »

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A Seven Star Stay at The Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Stepping through the door we could hardly believe our eyes… the stunning duplex suite with gold finishes, a chandelier, sweeping staircase and panoramic view of Dubai… and this was our room? ‘Would you like me to unpack for you, Mr and Mrs Silver?’ We weren’t just at any hotel, we were at the Burj al… Read more »

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It is the Year 2050…

It is the year 2050, Corona Virus is a thing of the distant past and the new normal is just the normal. I am in my sixties and I have continued to write SilverSpoon London all this time – that’s 37 years! With the Hollywood movie being made of this blog, I reached deep into… Read more »

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Family Fun at Six Senses Zighy Bay, Oman

COVID – 19 DISCLAIMER – It is impossible for me to continue writing this blog without acknowledging the current world health crisis. I just want you to know that I take the consequences of this crisis seriously and my continuation to publish light hearted and whimsical content is not intended to be insensitive. Instead it… Read more »

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My Newborn Essentials

When you first find out you’re having a baby, the sheer level of stuff that you need to buy is very overwhelming! I personally found it extremely helpful to read blog posts and watch YouTube videos to get ideas of what I needed and personal recommendations for particular brands. I thought I would put together… Read more »

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Ten Guilty Pleasures of Travelling with a Baby

When we had Oscar, I worried that travelling would be a tiring faff and perhaps something we’d start doing less and less of owing to the inconvenience. Actually I’ve found I’ve enjoyed our family trips even more than I’ve expected… there’s even been unexpected benefits or guilty pleasures of travelling with a baby. 1. You… Read more »