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Cocktails Baoli Beach

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Chilling out at Baoli Beach Club, Cannes

Just a short walk from our hotel on a clean, uncrowded beach with a view of the brilliant blue sea, cruise ships and beautiful people is Baoli Beach Club. With not much else planned and a chilled day stretching before us we decided to pop down there for lunch… It wasn’t too noisy, just relaxed… Read more »

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A Rather Stately Stay at The Majestic, Cannes

Famed for it’s glamorous film festival, luxurious hotels and chic boutique shopping along the famous Boulevard de la Croisette…Cannes is a playground for the rich and famous and the perfect destination for the Silver family holiday. The entire Silver clan had descended on the city in the French Riviera to celebrate the momentous occasion of… Read more »

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An Ode to Breakfast Contrasts

August’s travel link up with Emma, Kelly, Rebecca and their guest host Zoe is all about contrasts whilst travelling. I wanted to talk about food and how restaurant culture varies in other countries but every time I started writing it was sounding boring. Finally, it occurred to me to write about a meal universal in… Read more »

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10 Reasons to go to Melbourne

Melbourne was one of my favourite cities when we visited Australia and actually one of my favourite cities of all time. The city is Australia’s cultural capital encompassing museums, cool street art and theatres. What I also loved about it was that it’s such a walkable city and I found it so easy to explore… Read more »

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Cocktails at The Conrad

Though the weather is improving in the UK, it doesn’t stop me wanderlusting; and last week sunning myself on beautiful beaches of the Algarve was on my mind. I had been invited down to one of my favourite hotels, The Conrad St James, to sample bespoke cocktails created by Wilson Pires, head mixologist at The… Read more »

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My Travel Personality

I’ve blogged before about various aspects of my travel personality, so you already know I’m scared of everything, I’ve got a type-A personality and a fear of missing out. All these idiosyncrasies, neuroses and loveable foibles are generally balanced out by laid back and relaxed Mr S. When the travel link up ladies announced that… Read more »