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10 Most Luxurious Honeymoon Destinations

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Luxury Travel Tips: Top Ten Luxurious Honeymoon Destinations

It’s going to be the trip of a lifetime but there are so many fantastic honeymoon destinations to choose from…do you want relaxation, adventure, culture or all three? Here’s my list of the best honeymoon destinations from some of my favourite trips. 1. Italy  My favourite country in Europe is the ideal place for romance. Exploring the… Read more »

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My Top Ten Travel Favourites

After every holiday or extended trip, Mr Silver is subjected to a questioning… What was your favourite restaurant? What the best thing that you think we ate? What was your favourite hotel? What was your number one experience? ‘Why do we have to have this conversation every time?’….he sighs… I honestly don’t know why, I… Read more »

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10 Signs You’re Addicted to Blogging

It started casually enough…a simple space on the internet where I’d record my travels, restaurant visits and the important events in my life…but soon blogging became so much more to me than that… it became unescapable…It took over my life as I became absorbed in my writing, obsessed with Twitter, hooked on Instagram and mad… Read more »

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My Favourite Travel Quotations

When Emma asked me to join in a travel link up involving putting our favourite travel quotations to our favourite photos I decided to choose ones that not only inspired me but also made me laugh… Read about my personality while travelling… Check out my post on 10 Reasons Why I love South Africa to… Read more »

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An Ode to Breakfast Contrasts

August’s travel link up with Emma, Kelly, Rebecca and their guest host Zoe is all about contrasts whilst travelling. I wanted to talk about food and how restaurant culture varies in other countries but every time I started writing it was sounding boring. Finally, it occurred to me to write about a meal universal in… Read more »

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My Travel Personality

I’ve blogged before about various aspects of my travel personality, so you already know I’m scared of everything, I’ve got a type-A personality and a fear of missing out. All these idiosyncrasies, neuroses and loveable foibles are generally balanced out by laid back and relaxed Mr S. When the travel link up ladies announced that… Read more »