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Camel-Trekking at Sasaab, Samburu

There’s something about Kenya; somewhere where dreams unfold, experiences are once in a life time and the greatest memories are made. My trip to Kenya, confirmed that I’d fallen under the spell of East Africa; both enchanted and utterly in love. There is nothing quite like the sheer and rugged beauty that I saw here;… Read more »

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Discovering Samburu with Sasaab

As soon as we landed on the Sasaab airstrip we noticed a vast difference between the terrain in Samburu and Maasai Mara. Whilst the dominant colour in the Mara had been lush green with sweeping hill sides, Samburu was a rusty red colour with dusty sands and a more arid landscape. Something new and exciting… Read more »

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An Out of Africa picnic at Angama Mara

Our trip to Kenya was one full of pinch me moments, and one of my favourite memories was our Out of Africa picnic at Angama Mara… Led up a steep rocky path to the summit of a hill top, in the hot African sun…Mr S and I were huffing and puffing but we knew they’d… Read more »