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A Babymoon at The Pig Near Bath

Before I had Oscar, my friend Theresa and I were always off on adventures abroad visiting Fjords in Norway, beaches in Jersey, sangria in Barcelona and eating Schnitzel in Vienna! We decided to do final staycation in the UK as we did before Oscar was born – something much more sedate than our usual wine-fuelled… Read more »

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Staying At Babington House with Children

One thing I love about having Oscar is taking him to some of my favourite places and being able to see them through his eyes. Babington House, a country house hotel near Bath in Somerset is one such place, I’ve been a few times before but it makes it even more special to visit with… Read more »

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The Second Trimester – Weeks 13 to 28

The second trimester started in the beginning of December and anyone will agree that reaching the 12 / 13 week mark of pregnancy is a huge relief. It’s the point where the risk of miscarriage becomes much lower and many people start telling everyone about their news. It’s also a time where symptoms such as… Read more »