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10 Reasons Why Victoria (London) is a Great Place to Bring up A Baby

I’ve lived in my flat in London, Victoria for many years and I absolutely love it. A few people asked whether we’d consider moving when we had Oscar but honestly I hadn’t even considered it. Living in Victoria, in Central London has for me been the ideal place for bringing up a baby (even in… Read more »

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10 Tips for Positively Parenting a Baby During Lockdown

With the recent announcement that we won’t be leaving lockdown anytime soon, I thought I’d share with you my coping strategies for getting through lockdown with a baby. As much we adore our little ones, I’m sure many other mums will attest to the fact that the days can be long…and now without the possibility… Read more »

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Why I’m Happy to Be a Mummy Blogger

I started my blog six and a half years ago and just a few months before my wedding, and it was always my intention to focus on travel, food and London life. But what about when we had a baby? Would it be all change? In my mind being a mummy blogger meant reviewing the… Read more »

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Oscar: From Four Months to Nine Months

I had intended to write regular updates on how Oscar was getting on but somehow time slipped away and I only wrote one! You can read about his development during the fourth trimester here and I thought I’d pick up on that post to record the moments that we’ve had since then. Meeting Milestones¬† Oscar… Read more »

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Oscar’s Nursery

I’ve been meaning to do a little tour of Oscar’s Nursery and now we’ve been put on indefinite quarantine it feels like the perfect time to finally show you. Mr S and I started designing this room as soon as we found out we were having a baby (it was the first time I ever… Read more »

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Ten Things to Do in London with A Newborn

When I first had Oscar it didn’t seem like there were many activities for babies under six months – but as I was keen to still get out and about, I managed to find a fair few. These activities are a great opportunity to meet local mums who have babies the same age and hopefully… Read more »

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14 Things to Do For Your Baby’s First Christmas

If you’re a lover of Christmas like me, you’ll be even more excited for your baby’s first Christmas than pretty much anything else. Ever. I really wanted to make this year special for Oscar and even though he won’t remember it, I’ll never forget it and I’ll be able to show him the pictures in… Read more »

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Top Places to Instagram in London for Christmas 2019

Ever since the popularity of Instagram, the Christmas decorations in London have hit the next level. The facades are more creative, the baubles are bigger and the lights are shining brighter! Here are a few of my favourites to visit! Keep an eye on this post as I’ll be adding to it as the festive… Read more »

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Five Things to Do in London this Summer

There’s always a wealth of new and exciting things to do in London when the weather gets hotter. Here are just a few that I’ve been to recently. 1. Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane For the past few years, I’ve really loved spending a few summer days on the terrace at Four Seasons… Read more »

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Sweet Treats Adventure in Chelsea with Chocolate Ecstasy Tours

I was invited to¬† attend the Sweet Treats Adventure and my tour was complimentary. I was not paid to visit and was not under contractual obligation to write this blog post or create content on any platform. There are so many great ways of seeing our diverse city of London … but what could be… Read more »