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How to Book London’s Most Desirable Restaurants

I think you may have noticed by now that I quite like fancy places… Rather annoyingly, these are the places where it’s hardest to get a booking…there are so many places that I want to go to…Gymkhana, Nobu, Hakkasan, The Square but it’s near impossible to get a reservation unless you book about 100 years… Read more »

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The Autumn Quintessentially Wedding Atelier – The Ultimate in Luxury Wedding Brands

When Mr Silver and I got married on the 18th of May it was the happiest day of my life… The day was just truly amazing and everything was perfect…   …but to be honest it was also a relief…all the planning was finally over, everything was checked off our to do list and we… Read more »

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The Gourmet Odyssey: Clove Club, Merchants Tavern and 8 Hoxton Square

Every foodie has a bucket list; that is an ever growing list of restaurants to visit in London or around the world. My current list has thirty-five restaurants on it…plus I have a separate list of the Michelin star restaurants that I visited years ago and want to revisit for my blog. Sadly with limitations… Read more »

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Food and Fashion with LK Bennett at The Marylebone Hotel

I absolutely love writing my lifestyle blog and I enjoy featuring the occasional OOTD but, sadly, I’ll never be a fashion blogger. My usual style is a dress and heels, in winter it’s a dress, black tights and heels… I don’t quite have the eye for layering, mixing prints or experimenting with cool jumpsuits plus… Read more »

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Fast cars and sparkly diamonds at Salon Prive

When I started SilverSpoon London I knew wanted it to be all about luxury: fast cars, sparkling diamonds, lobster and champagne! So when BMW invited me to an event that encompassed all these things I knew there was no need to think twice… The British Super Car show at Salon Prive is a unique event… Read more »

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No Immunity Book Launch

Back in the days before I was blogging I used to work in the heady world of publishing. My most recent publishing job was in marketing for a commercial publisher which meant working on campaigns for bestselling authors fabulous works of fiction as well as celebrity autobiographies. Working in publishing was very exciting as you… Read more »

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Up ‘On the Roof with Q’ and on the buses with Pimms

You’ve got to love summer in London, it may only last about two weeks but what a fantastic two weeks they are… Hanging out in roof top bars drinking champagne, chilling out in pub gardens drinking rose and picnics in the park with a bottle of wine… now that’s is the life. My favourite of… Read more »

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Macarons, cocktails and bloggers at Anges de Sucre

Despite how it may appear, I don’t actually have a sweet tooth, I’ll always choose a starter over a dessert, at afternoon tea I’ll reach for the sandwiches rather than the cake and I can always say no to chocolate… But there’s one sweet treat that I just love! And that is a macaron (I… Read more »

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Tostaditas and Cocktails at Chotto Matte

About a month ago Mr Silver and I had a fabulous date night at Chotto Matte in Soho. We loved everything about the place: the fantastic food, the funky decor and the electric buzzing atmosphere. In fact, Mr Silver promptly announced it as his new favourite place! We also had the amazing opportunity of meeting… Read more »

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Peggy Porschen Wedding Cake Special Preview

Mr S and I will be tying the knot in just under two months time!I’m one of those girls who has always dreamed about a fantasy wedding…it would take place in a castle, I would wear a princess dress and I would be marrying my prince charming…   All those dreams have come true for… Read more »