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What I Got Up to in September

September has been my favourite month of 2018, of course with the biggest news being, Mr S turned 40! I can hardly believe it finally happened! We first met when he was 32 and honestly he doesn’t look that much different apart from a few grey hairs here and there! His actual birthday was the… Read more »

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Three Places to Eat in Athens, Greece

One of the reasons that I chose Greece for the destination for Mr S’s birthday surprise was our mutual love of Greek food. My research led me to so many wonderful restaurants in Athens that it was hard to narrow down but of course, I did and I thought I’d share with you the places… Read more »

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A Luxurious Personal Shopping Experience at Heathrow

As a travel lover I really look forward to going to the airport. I know it sounds strange but it’s that sense of anticipation that you’re going on a new adventure – handing over your passport, going through security – it’s all just the beginning of what’s to come. I was even more excited about… Read more »

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Eight Exciting Things to Do in Athens

One of the world’s oldest cities and the heart of ancient Greece, Athens is a living, breathing museum of history and culture. Mr S and I absolutely loved exploring both the historical and modern side of the city, and with only forty eight hours in the city, we packed a lot in. Here’s eight exciting… Read more »

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A Classical Stay at Hotel Grande Bretagne, A Luxury Collection Hotel in Athens

‘First stop, Athens!’ I revealed to Mr S in the taxi on the way to the airport. It was the beginning of the big surprise trip that I’d been planning for months to celebrate his birthday. Ok, so it didn’t come as a huge surprise as he already knew we were going to Greece after… Read more »

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Three Places to Eat in Marrakech

When you think of Morocco, your mind will probably go straight to the food. A totally unique cuisine that blends Arabic, Andalusian, and Mediterranean cuisines and mixed meat, seafood and vegetables with olive oils, dried fruit and spices. With so much choice of restaurants in Marrakech, we were lucky to have our Local Concierge, Jessica from Original Travel… Read more »

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Top 10 Things To Do in Marrakech

There is so much to see and do in Marrakech – the whole city is like a sensory overload! My trip was organised by luxury travel company, Original Travel who not only book all hotels and flights but create a bespoke itinerary with a focus on local experiences. Our itinerary included a drive through the… Read more »

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Villa Des Orangers: A Discreet Luxury Riad in Marrakech

Entering through a discreet but beautifully carved door in the centre of the medina in Marrakech… the scent of orange blossoms fills the air and memories flood back into my mind. We’ve driven from the beautiful Kasbah Tamadot high up in the Atlas Mountain to Villa Des Orangers, a luxury riad in the vibrant and… Read more »

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Kasbah Tamadot: A Breathtaking Hotel in the Atlas Mountains

Mr S and I relax back in the cool comfort of the air-conditioning of a luxury car; we’ve just been fast-tracked through Marrakech airport and are now making our way through the winding roads up to the lofty heights of the Atlas Mountains bound for Kasbah Tamadot, one of the most luxurious hotels in Morocco…. Read more »

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The Top Twenty Instagram Hot Spots in London: A Luxury Guide

It would be no exaggeration to say that I’m addicted to Instagram and of course I’m not the only one! That being said I thought I’d share some of my favourite spots for Instagram photography in my home city of London. 1. Peggy Porschen A rare moment of quiet at London’s most popular bakery… @peggyporschenofficial… Read more »