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My C-Section Recovery (Nearly Two Years On)

Despite SilverSpoon London being a luxury travel blog, my most read posts are about my birth experiences with Oscar. In particular my story of what it’s like to have a c-section at the Lindo Wing is the blog post that I’ve received the most messages and emails about. I’m so happy to be able to… Read more »

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Outdoor Dining at Parrillan

That moment when you open a menu. The first drink that’s poured for you at the table. Fresh baked bread made in the kitchen that day. Not having to do the washing up afterwards… The many things that we’ve missed about going to restaurants. I could go on and on especially as one of the… Read more »

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Best Hotels in the UK Featuring Self-Contained Accommodation (Cabins, Cottages, Treehouses etc)

With the government announcing the road map to the easing of lockdown restrictions, you may be thinking of booking a holiday. Some UK hotels are reopening on the 12th of April for outdoor dining and while many hotels will have to keep their rooms closed some will allow their self-contained accommodation to be booked out… Read more »

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Five Reasons Why I’m Excited For Spring

A month has passed since I last published a post…the longest time since I put hands to keyboard to write on my blog. I don’t think I’d ever gone more than two weeks before. And why? It’s not because I’ve fallen out of love with writing. It’s the total lack of motivation to write. Of… Read more »

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The Origin Of SilverSpoon London

The 22nd of January 2021 marked seven years since I start my blog. Seven whole years!! Rather fittingly the topic chosen for this month’s travel link up is your blog ‘origin story’, how you chose the name of your blog and how it came to be. Mine all began after I started building a website… Read more »

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6 Toys We’re Loving At The Moment

Hello! It’s been a few weeks since I last updated my blog which is the longest I’ve ever gone since starting SilverSpoon! My blog is actually seven years old this month so it’s been really strange not writing regular updates. But I have been absolutely lost for words with genuinely no idea of what to… Read more »

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Travel Plans and Wanderlust Wishlist for 2021

Every year I write a blog post as part of our travel link up detailing my confirmed travel plans for the year and where I hope to add to that list. I usually very much look forward to writing these posts but of course 2020 was different in a way I could never even had… Read more »

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My Five Favourite Hotels of 2020

Every year since I started this blog I’ve written a round up of my favourite hotel stays and experiences of the year. Though this year has been much quieter on the travel front, I didn’t want to break with tradition and I still thought I’d put together this post as I do love looking back… Read more »

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Festive Food And Drink Deliveries to Brighten Your Christmas 2020

The food and drink in this post was gifted.  Ole and Steen Danish bakery Ole and Steen are making this strange old Christmas a touch sweeter! They sent me an amazing hamper from the Christmas selection, the idea is a ‘Hygge Wonderland’ – that is a snuggly cosy Christmas with festive food and drink all… Read more »

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15 Ways to Give Your Baby a Brilliant Christmas Despite Covid-19 Restrictions

It’ll be a different kind of Christmas this year but nonetheless I super excited to be celebrating with Oscar despite the restrictions we’re under. Here are a few things we’re doing. Wear a Christmas Jumper  I’ve always been a fan of Christmas jumpers and this year Oscar’s is the cute Jingles Reindeer number from White… Read more »