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Our Six Year Anniversary at Hélène Darroze at The Connaught

A special anniversary calls for a very special location and I had somewhere very wonderful in mind. Hélène Darroze at The Connaught hotel had been on my bucket list for years but I’d been saving it for just the right occasion…and our six year anniversary of meeting seemed the perfect time to tick it off. … Read more »

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Lessons Learnt From Losing My Luggage

As soon as our plane touched down in Kenya I turned my phone off from flight mode, eager to quench my social media addiction and check my emails. But immediately my excitement about arriving in Nairobi we obstructed…though we’d made it safely to our destination, my luggage had not and it was still in London…… Read more »

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Top Ten of the World’s Best Hotels with Private Pools

Is there any greater luxury than having your own private pool in your hotel room? The perfect place to cool off from the hot sun, just steps away from where you’re sleeping. Here my top ten of the world’s best hotels with private pools. 1. Jade Mountain, St Lucia  One of the most unique private pools… Read more »

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Luxury Travel Tips: Where to Go, And When

Want to avoid the rainy season and get some sun? Make sure you’re missing the crowds or long queues? Or even aiming to go off-season to take advantage of lower prices, cooler weather or the school holidays influx. Check out my ultimate guide of where to go, and when. January – Australia  I think we’re… Read more »

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New Year’s Eve 2016 at Hakkasan

Christmas. I’m a big fan. But there’s actually one day that I love more than Christmas Day and that’s New Year’s Eve. I know everyone’s not such a big fan of the night but to me the start of a new year is the signal of a new beginning and hope for the future. There’s… Read more »

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Boxing Day at The Corinthia

Boxing Day is really just Christmas Round II isn’t it? Another chance to eat some tasty food, get tipsy and just enjoy being with your family. This time my sister and her family were joining us and having spent Christmas Day at The Four Seasons London at Park Lane, there was no left over turkey… Read more »

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Travel Plans and Wanderlust WishList For 2017

Every year as part of our travel link up I look to the year ahead to tell you what my current travel plans are and those that I hope to add. In 2016 year I visited six new countries: Japan, The Philippines, Switzerland, Germany, Kenya and Tanzania and I revisited France (several times), Italy (twice),… Read more »

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Top Ten Travel Moments of 2016

I’ve had some really fantastic travel experiences this year but there are certain moments that really stand out to me. You know those pinch me ones, is this really happening, am I really here? I can’t believe I’m living out a dream. 1. February: Drinking Champagne in Champagne, France I’d always dreamt about visiting the… Read more »

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Christmas at The Four Seasons

Christmas was all set to be a quiet one this year, with Mr S’s whole family family away in various far flung destinations and my sister spending it at her boyfriend’s, it would be just my parents and us for once. Spending Christmas morning just the two of you is rather rare for us as… Read more »

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My Top Ten Restaurants of the Year 2016

It’s been a fantastic year, from trying incredible international cuisine to sampling delicious food from UK chefs right in my home town. My top ten list includes restaurants that have not only delivered fantastic food but given an incredible overall experience. 1. Sushi Sora, Tokyo, Japan It was one of my dreams to sample truly… Read more »