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Oscar’s Third Birthday Party

I’ve been meaning to write a post about Oscar’s birthday party for a while…there’s a few posts I’ve been meaning to write lately but life has got in the way of blogging! I really should write a life lately post, I used to do them monthly but I never have the time any more. I don’t do nearly as much cool stuff as I used to anyway but somehow my days are even busier!!

Anyway let’s stick to the point of the post! Oscar’s 3rd birthday!

Oscar is utterly obsessed with the alphabet, he loves numbers too but it’s the alphabet that really has his heart. So an alphabet theme seemed like a natural decision for his third birthday. It’s not easy finding a venue in London at the weekend that doesn’t cost the absolute earth but Bbar in Victoria was the perfect location. On the day of the party we came in early and decked the space out in the alphabet theme! I’d hired party planners Dazzle and Fizz who were responsible for all the brilliant balloons that I knew Oscar would just love. They also supplied Greg, the photographer who took all these pictures!

Oscar absolutely loved his colourful balloon arch and to see his name in balloons.

And bunches of letter balloons everywhere!

I was determined to have absolutely everything fit the theme and honestly that wasn’t easy. I can usually find party things easily on Amazon but the ABC stuff was hard to source, I eventually found these Dr Zeuss hats and cups on Zazzle and the tablecloth on eBay.

I always go whole hog with the cake and Cakes by Robin delivered yet again with the alphabet cake and biscuits.

I love this cute banner from Etsy, which is another gem when looking for reasonably priced custom decorations.

Oscar was delighted when he walked in and saw his ABCs everywhere!

It’s hard to post lots of pictures of the action at a children’s party as I want avoid putting other kids faces online. Though here’s Oscar with his cousin Charlie enjoying the entertainment provided by Dazzle and Fizz.

Everyone was really impressed by the food from Bbar, there were burgers and buns for adults and an afternoon tea for the kids. They’d even cut the sandwiches into the shape of letters. The Bbar events team was great and they didn’t treat the party as ‘just’ a kids party, they made us feel really special and welcomed

I also have to give a shout out to my friend Theresa who runs Hummingbird Events and really helped me with coordinating on the day. Big thank you!

Oscar is now the age when he really understands birthday and loves singing happy birthday! Blowing the candles out always comes after singing and it’s Oscar’s favourite bit!

We had an absolutely brilliant time at Oscar’s 3rd birthday and thank you everyone who came and made it so wonderful!