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Platinum Jubilee Afternoon Tea at Grosvenor House London

I was invited to experience the Platinum Jubilee Afternoon Tea

Approximately 3 years BC (before Covid) I enjoyed the Christmas Nutcracker Afternoon Tea with my dear friend Binny in the Park Room at JW Marriott Grosvenor House London. Fast forward to now (well last week), Binny invited me to join her on a table she was hosting to experience the hotel’s current offering, the Platinum Jubilee Afternoon Tea! After such a great experience the first time, I was excited to try the tea this time round and to experience the new concept.
We started with a glass of Lanson Champagne with options of rose or brut on a non-alcoholic sparkling wine while I got to chatting to old friends and new. The Covid era and busy life with a toddler mean I don’t get to attend many blogger events anymore so I get quite a thrill from being able to go and meet new people and feel like the ‘old me’.

We started with an amuse of gin and dubonnet granita – the perfect palate cleansing crushed ice with lemon and lime infused with the queen’s favourite cocktail.
There’s a vast tea selection including her majesty’s own favourites – I’m not really a big tea drinker so something light and fruity does it for me and I chose a strawberry tea!
Next up another few decadent snacks – an egg mayo and a prawn, salmon and caviar bite.

Sandwiches were the classics ham, cucumber, salmon and of course Coronation chicken – a dish first invented for the coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953.

If you’re like me scones will come next and these ones are fluffy and sumptuous just decide carefully whether you go cream or jam first. Either way you can’t really go wrong plus there’s a whole selection of jams provided for your delectation.

Shall we skip to the best bit?

My favourite pastry was the Valrhona Chocolate biscuit cake. Rich dark chocolate made with British classics – rich tea biscuits and topped with a chocolate crown. The queen and I have something in common because it’s her favourite too and it often served on the royal dining table.

The fruit cake is a tribute to the Queen’s wedding cake which weighed 226 kilos and was over 2.7 metre high! I love the addition of the postage stamp which is a British icon.

The Platinum lemon posset is another of the Queen’s favourite puddings and is a deliciously light and zesty treat.

The raspberry syllabub is a homage to the Queen’s fondness for picking raspberries at Balmoral. This version includes white chocolate and a hint of peach.

Finally is the Great Room Ice sphere. I love the story of this cake and the link to the hotel itself. The young Princess Elizabeth learned to ice skate right here at the hotel in 1933 when it used to house an ice rick. Today it is a banqueting hall but the ice rink lays dormant under the current floor. Of course the little ice skate on top is a representation of this.

Traditional Afternoon Tea: £62.50pp.
With a glass of non-alcoholic Sparkling Rosé: £72.50pp.
With a glass of Lanson Champagne: £72.50pp.